Cushion Cutie

Can someone put together a K-pop playlist for my daughter? She’s only 5 and loves K-pop but me and her father aren’t really into it, haha! Her favourite since she was a baby is Big Bang but I need to expand her playlist because the repetition is killing my soul πŸ˜‰

I’ve pored over the new Ikea catalog cover to cover like 20 times. I’m as obsessed with furniture and design as I am skincare and makeup T_T

Watching all the IG posts I’m so jealous that I wasn’t at KCON last weekend! It looked amazing! Way to go W2!!!!

I’ve got 20 minutes before I have to leave the house to watch a my daughter’s dance performance and I’m grouchy I don’t have time to do my mask AND makeup. I’m making it up to myself with a Moksha mask bubble bath later tonight 😂

I’m sitting here with a sheet mask on my face trying to decide which Romand juicy tint to wear today…
My heart says Peach Me but my mind says Fig.
This mask is going to dry up before I come to a decision.

Hello, bonjour, annyeong!
I’m so excited for the beginning of this community! I’m feeling like Deadpool on a unicorn jumping over a rainbow~