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That Etude-House looking font. Seulgi Irene and Joy’s visuals completely popping off. COOKIES! CAKES! I love everything about this MV. Also, I need Irene’s shoes right now.

I’m convinced that the cookies they found were drugged and they had some kind of trip 😂 hence why the cookie is covered in ants by the end, they had been standing there for hours, and the progressively worsening condition of the food.

Here’s a picture of a (ant-free) cookie that I baked!

My Holy Grail of all of KBeauty:
I’ll preface the reveal by saying that I have combination-(highly) sensitive skin, spend half my year in dusty and dry London and the other half in hot and humid Malaysia, have issues with clogged pores, blackheads, and acne. Basically, my skin is a hot mess most of the time and I’m basically a princess about skincare, my diet, and hygenie or else I get mad breakouts.

The product that has helped me settle my skin down the most, without irritating it, and cleaning it well is…
the Neogen Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick!

Basically all my skincare products have come and gone and I’ve been testing and swapping things around, but this is a…[Read more]

REVIEW for Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion (HOLY GRAIL):

So I got my hands on the newest perfecting cushion from Sulwhasoo about a month ago, and after using it for a while I can confidently say that it’s my new holy grail cushion (sorry Romand!).

The particles in it are finer than the Romand and previous Sulwhasoo cushions, as well as the Laneige BB cushion, so I think it gives a finer finish. One caveat: I got the lightest shade, so I need to use a blush with it or I look too pale lol~ If you’re forever being told “you’re so pale” it should be fine for you.

The finish is definitely on the satiny-matte side, which I personally like because I have oily/combination skin that’s…[Read more]

There are soooo many products I\’d love to review, but I\’m broke :\’D

Review for several Neogen and Cosrx products coming up soon!

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask reviews!

So far I’ve only used the black (purifying) and purple (calming) ones more than once or twice, so I’ll only review those in here.

Compared to the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, I honestly haven’t been able to tell much of a difference with the purifying mask. I feel like the black one seems to be a little less gritty (though both are pretty smooth to me) and it may or may not clear my pores a bit more. I’m unsure because I’ve only done the comparison twice, and the difference is small.

The calming mask is more obvious; I definitely notice a reduction in redness on my skin after using it compared to the other two, especially…[Read more]

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick review:

Many thanks to W2Beauty for sending me these gorgeous lippies 😍!

My favourite is the middle one, a pretty neutral pink that adds a touch of cuteness to a casual everyday look that you can wear without any other makeup (except maybe your brows, if you have none like me 😂). The variety of shades are very well thought out, there’s a shade for anything from a fancy evening out to a drinking evening out to university to lunch with friends. You’ll need to constantly reapply as it does smudge and transfer like anybody’s business, but it’s amazingly hydrating (It’s basically a lip balm!) and tastes alright, putting it straight at the top of my…[Read more]

Hello everyone! Am back and settled into university life 😀

I promised reviews of the many products I got just over a month back, and they\’re coming in the next few hours 🙂 I also got a box of goodies from W2Beauty and although some were stuff I already had, there was some very exciting new stuff in there including wine lipsticks (not the tints!) from Labiotte and a very nice essence from Swanicoco. Click into my profile to read them all as they come up !

I did say I would post full reviews but I realized each wall post is limited to only 1000 characters! Does anyone have any ideas on how I should make the reviews? ?

I was baking with 5 other girls and they decided to take a group photo! Sadly… I was the only one who didn’t draw in her eyebrows that day 😭 Can anyone link me up with a good kbeauty eyebrow pencil? Living half between Malaysia and England, it’s a huge struggle to change my hair color or cosplay as I can’t get my usual brand in the former country :/

Also, have this picture of the cake I made! Be careful of eating excessive sugar or diary though, might make your acne flare up 😅

First impressions on the few products I’ve tried from my haul. Note that I have oily, acne prone skin as I am currently in Southeast Asia! Again, my full reviews will drop in about a month to to months when I have had more experience with them!

-Swanicoco Bitamin C toner: Smell may be slightly offputting to some, but it’s more than tolerable for me. Stings a little on spots/acne. Absorbs well!

-Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum: I would buy this as a perfume. Feels very nice on skin, absorbs great!

-Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint PK006 Jewel Red: Etude nails it as usual with this line 😍

-Etude House Silk Scarf Double Hair Mask: Did a good job of helping, but don’t…[Read more]

😍 What a haul! In here are the colored Innisfree clay masks, one of the Romand sets offered on W2Beauty, and the Labiotte wine lip tints alongside other things! I’ll start posting reviews in a month, after using these products for a while~ And the fish brush from W2Beauty is also just downright gorgeous �😍� Do follow me if you’ve been thinking about getting these so you can check out my reviews later on ^^

Make sure you guys eat up your fruits! Summer is running away soon, so get all the watermelons and stock up on lycopene (a super antioxidant!) and hydration for your skin 😉

Does anyone have any experience using the Etude House Liquid Lip Mousse? Considering it but I can\’t decide~

Annyeong haseyo~ jal jinessumnikka? I don’t know how to type in Hangul on a computer so bear with that terrible romanzation �😂� This photo is from more than half a year ago… I wish I took care of my hair back then, all those split ends 😰! Etude House’s Silk Scarf hair mask is a life saver for bleached hair.

Being a teenager is so weird because I look at photos from half a year ago or more and I think that I look like a 5 year old ^^” I have regrets about using the lip tint from Etude House in such a weird way in this picture ^^””””””””” Please learn from my silly mistakes~

Ladies and gentlemen, get yourself a bae that looks at you the way Taengoo looks at TIffany

My queens are SERVING up looks ��😭�� I really hate wearing pink because I think it looks awkward on me, but I did my nails in Soshi pink for this comeback �💗�

Working on a 2B cosplay from the game Nier Automata~ Trying to figure out how to not have my makeup get onto the blindfold 😂😂

Good morning my dudes \o/ may your highlighter glow, your lipstick not smudge, and brows be on fleek ✨

Another thing is you know those Korean scrubby pads for your body? My Korean boyfriend tells me to not use any soap or anything with it, but I like to put a layer of camelia oil or a soap with it on my body and leave it there for about 10 minutes then SCRUB.

Silky smooth skin all day err day (please remember to moisturize as usual!!!)

My top k-beauty secret..? I think it\’s fairly well known thing 😂😂

Fight oily skin with oil! I had incredible oily skin a few years back. Every night or every other night after a light moisturizer like the Benton Aloe one (NOT AN OIL BASED ONE!! important!!!!), put rosehip oil on your face if you can\’t stand coconut oil like me. I honestly don\’t know how it works, but I believe that your skin realizes that oil is coming from the outside, so it stops producing buckets of it.

Also, always exfoliate 👌