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Erika CohoeFitzgerald

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12 Years Of Experience

CA, Los Angeles

She/Her | erikaleeartistry

Beauty Content Creator, Beauty Educator, Professional Makeup Artist

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Los Angeles
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Erika Lee is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist who specializes in bringing an individualized approach to each client. The journey in the beauty industry has transformed Erika's life due to the deep connection she makes with her clients, mentors, and artist friends. Erika works on various projects ranging from the red carpet, print, editorial, runway, catalog, and personal client services. Erika has gained knowledge and an understanding of product development, packaging, and marketing while working at a beauty agency and grew her knowledge of the testing, efficacy, and claims of products at her earlier days at a Beauty Lab and Production House. Erika believes everyone is beautiful and she loves when she can help others see the beauty in themselves! Let's set up a ZOOM Consultation so I can support you in your beauty needs. Shine Bright!

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