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sad so much neglect. but here I am again, alive, and on the hunt for a new hydrating toner. and low key obsessing over the fact that there is a huge k-beauty store in NYC now that I have somehow not set foot in

greeeeaaaaat. there’s even more closed comedones now… but I think I found the culprit: Too Cool for School Zitga cleansing gel. At first, I was really excited for this cleanser when I bought it (Even though I broke my rules about not buying cleansers over 20$ on the basis that if I have to use it every day it should be cheaper than 20$). But now, I think it is definitely a terrible (for me) product. Firstly, the formulation weirds me out: you mean to tell me there are ZERO surfactants? Like none? How exactly does it clean anything then? Well I’m sure there’s a chemist (maybe I should tweet LabMuffin?) out there who can explain how and why a company would make a cleanser with zero…[Read more]

Enjoyed this good dragging by Tracy (fanserviced-b) of the Snailcast. Shiseido reminds of why I’m wary of pretty much all expensive skincare products: will it ever truly be worth it? I guess if you got bank to throw down it doesn’t matter, but CLEANSERS should not be expensive given how fast you go through them. idk. anyway – this was great.

I have two closed comedones on my chin again. So grumpy. I am wondering if my current level of acid use will ever be enough. Paula\’s Choice BHA seems to be preventative in a lot of ways, but my chin is always the first place of destruction no matter what is happening in my life. So unfair.

I\’m oddly obsessed with So Young\’s Beauty Room even though I rarely wear makeup. I\’ve watched this video like mad times

Alright. I guess I should have clarified. Shu Uemura is obv a high end brand. But you can’t deny that most cleansing oils are relatively expensive despite being something you use daily/quickly. Idk. Maybe I’m just cheap (which is totally possible) but the fact that the best oil cleanser I’ve ever used is 25$ upsets me haha. I guess I’m just comparing cleansing oil to the cost of the average water-based cleanser. A cleanser that is 5-10, maybe stretching to 15$ sounds reasonable. I don’t know though – maybe oil cleansers are more difficult to formulate? Anyway, I just bought some cheap Missha oil cleansers because they smell nice and get the job done. I have determined I don’t…[Read more]

just looked up Shu Umera after seeing the cleansing oil in a friend\’s bathroom and now I have a question.

Why are cleansing oils so expensive?

just changed my avatar to Maxine Waters because she\’s one of the few things besides k-beauty giving my life these days

I was sent here by the good folks over at the Snailcast, mainly Fiddy and her blog about her summer duds. I am now even more wary of this Klairs oil cleanser. Vegetable oil smell makes me feel like I\’m rubbing chicken grease on my face