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Do you guys remember the beloved DBSK wrong number & Merotic were my favorite songs😍😍😍

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🌾23.5 Soothing Line Review🌾
I’ve been using this brand exclusively as my day time routine for 30 days and here are my honest thoughts on the line.
🌾Brand Story🌾
23.5N is a Taiwanese brand. Their products are free of parabens, artificial coloring,fragrance and they don’t test on animals.
Which is great for those with sensitive skin like me. The brand tries to utilize the “crops” from Taiwan in it’s products, and has a natural philosophy. It’s brand name comes from the Tropic of Cancer which cuts through Taiwan, 23.5 degrees. Their motto is :”Additive Free, Skin Matters”.
This rice soothing series is most suitable for people with sensitive skin, or people who are having irritat…[Read more]

What\’s your favorite skincare ingredient? Mine is Cantella Asiatica. It\’s perfect for irritated skin and soothes redness & irritation. Now your turn💋

Dr Grand+ | Absolute Solution Mask – – Aloe & Madecassoside 🍃 🍃
Madecassoside/Madecassic acid is a chemical compound derived from Centella Asiatic found m-

Basically it’s a plant extract from Southeast Asia, okay?!?!? .
It’s famous for being super effective at reducing redness and it’s anti-inflammatory properties. I’ve struggled with eczema all my life so these characteristics are important to me. 🍃 🍃
Dr. Grand+ uses an odorless cellulose mask that’s combines madecassoside and clear essence to give a cooling and soothing effect on the skin.
After 20 minutes, my face was left hydrated and noticeably brighter with zero irritation or peeling.

I love these little masks!

You…[Read more]

Frienvita Pore Filtering Volcanic-ash Vita F Sheet Mask. Don’t let the unassuming packaging fool you, this product gave me great results.
When I first opened the packet the sweet scent of tart cherries hit me which was a pleasant surprise 🍒 The fragrance dissipates quickly and what you’re left with is a thin, very soft mask. The essence was quite thick also and there was enough left so I used the excess on my neck.
The mask claims the Vitamin K and natural absorption substance from the volcanic ash filters excess sebum as well as any impurities with its ventilated fiber cloth. To be honest I’m not sure how true that is but I actually felt like the mask was…[Read more]

Selfie Sunday
I used neogens cleansing stick and peel today & feel in love
Lip detail is Yarrow from reddy cosmetics. It’s a matte lip color & I love it.

My favorites at the moment ❤️

It’s my birthday & I’m going to post my pampering skin and hair routine soon on here😍

Question of the day can anyone recommend a cushion for darker skin tones?

Hey guys!
Just a small intro
I have oily acne prone skin. I have been following a Korean skincare routine for two years & have seen dramatic improvements in my oil production and skin texture!
My favorite brand is Benton & I want to delve into Korean haircare now❤️❤️❤️

So excited to be apart of this community let\’s obsess together ❤️