Cushion Cutie

It’s almost time to start slathering on those extra thicc creams and sleeping packs.
What are some of your favorites?

I thought the warmer weather would mean less layers for me but I’m still struggling to find the right balance. Currently looking for a sleeping pack to supplement my nighttime routine and maybe an oil for my daytime routine. I’m a bit apprehensive about oils because they’ve broken me out in the past. Fingers crossed, my skincare woes come to an end soon.

Giving up on lip tints. The natural color of my lips allows for way less color pay off than I expect. The only exceptions are red tints. And even then, the skin on my top lip is somehow resistant to color adherence. So weird.

Recently discovered that my skin does not like ferments at all. I shudder at the memory of slathering the Yuri Pibu Cellum Amaid Ampoule all over my face 2x a day.

When I tried the COSRX low ph cleanser and SU:M37 MRCS, I could have sworn both products were breaking me out in painful red bumps but I thought the irritation was from chemical overexfoliation and allergies to synthetic hair. It’s taken me over a year to figure out why all the angry red comedones and cysts were not going away despite regular, paced chemical exfoliation but I’m glad I know what my skin is sensitive to, and can finally start working on clearer, healthier skin.
Sadly, a lot of products in my routine…[Read more]

I’m excited to meet you! We can navigate the world of K-Beauty together. Always looking for recommendations and I’d love to tell you what I’ve tried and loved.

I can’t seem to find any lip tints that are a true peach. Or maybe I’m just confused about what a peachy colour really is.

I’m so excited!