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Lisa Harelson

Verified Expert

1 Years Of Experience

Ohio, Dayton

She/Her | harelsonl

Skin Experts, Beauty Retail Educator, Beauty Retail Expert

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I have a passion for helping others and education. I’m retired Air Force with 23.5 years in the medical field, excelling in organizational communication, customer service, business & logistical management, and team leadership. I have held positions in or as Flight school Superintendent, Instructor, Paramedic program director, Emergency medicine, combat medic, Hemo-Dialysis curriculum writer, Labor & Delivery, Pediatric cardiology & Oncology, Medical flight Command & Control and have assisted agencies such as NASA, DEA, and the Dept. of State. I love being able to merge my medical skill set with my passion for beauty and skin care to help people. I strongly believe what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put into our bodies.

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