Skincare Scholar

Please some one tell me why I can’t see any posts here in community!!😕

Finally I have returned shipping to Kuwait, I am very happy and excited to see all the products i ordered ..😱😍
Thanks for beautytap And all who work in for help and support ..
This will be my first and best place to order skin care products and makeup 💄💋💅🏻💁🏼

I am really upset, from Beautytap this is the first time can not shipping to Kuwait !! I think the site will change for the worse over time 👎🏻 This is really frustrating!!

Now this is my favorite tint 😍💕 i just try tow color from dear darling tint and i like the smell it’s like fruits ☺️💋 And the packeg it’s soo cute ^.^

Hii guys,👋🏻 I try this samples and I’m in love with Swanicoco products 😍 I looove this skinsoftner and emolsion soo much, the emolsion it’s soo light and not sticky at all i like it 👍🏻💕

I liked this product very much😍👍🏻, it is great for dry tangled hair or for flying hair I have oily hair but it’s be fiying after shower and I have a damage hair in the end, I looove this product very much from Nature Republic 😊💕

Finallyyyy my amazing haul 😍💕❤️ Sooo excited for the new products and freebies ^

Hi guys,😊🌹 I\’m s20 i have a compi to dry skin and i have problem with large pore and flaky skin but the k-beauty help my skin problems alot 😍I\’m in love🌹#findmyskintwin

That’s me 😂?😁☺️

Look at the high school students 😍💕☺️!!!

When i get sick 😷?☺️😁!!

My favorite fruit for a healthy body and healthy skin is strawberries and watermelons, where a lot of water and also drinking lots of water daily is important for the body and skin I usually do not drink a lot of water a day but I am trying hard to do this,And you Do you drink a lot of water daily, and what are your favorite fruits?

OMG 😯 Who’s see the new boxs here, ilooove all of them and wish to try every one😍😁💕 any one you like ?!

Is there anyone who has tried a product from this set of etude house honey cera “in fact I would like to try the essence and eye serum!!

Let’s get party 🎉🎈🎊💝 I’m a skincare scholar naw 👊🏻😎 i wish to be a really skincare scholar in fact ^

When I keep track my shipment every day, I wish to see my order box as soon as possible 💕😍

I have tried this mask sheet of milky dress and I liked a lot💕 when I put it on my face gradually turn into foam and help me to work massage for my skin when I put it 😍I loved it, but there is no in the site !! Do you know any mask have the same way in w2 .. !?

What you much like, a “Homemade” masks and scrub!! Or a scrub products ?! If you like homemade or products what is your favorite scrub and mask for exfoliate?

I like the products much more 😁😉 for me it’s much esear ^

I’m starting naw to use a face brush 😍 It’s amaizing for more cleansing specially for who’s but makeup daily 👍🏻 There’s one like this from Swanicoco brand 💕I loove it so much ..

I can’t go to next bage in community !!😐
Is there any one have the same problem !?