Cushion Cutie

So I bought this thinking it was mainly camellia seed oil but it’s just 68.1%! (I mean at least it’s over 50% lol) On the product info page under ingredients, just lists camellia oil so don’t be fooled by that!
Otherwise, it sinks in really quickly and is quite a runny oil. Very thin and doesn’t leave an oily residue. A little goes a long way! After you rub it into your skin, and wait like 30 sec, you’ll see it just soaks into your skin and makes it feel very soft and smooth. I look forward to using it longer! Scent wise, it smells..floral and a bit sweet. Not like sugar sweet. Almost like that sweet pea scent. But barely. And as it fades away, a bit earthy..? It’s not an overpowe…[Read more]

So I’ve been using this a couple days trying to figure out how I feel about this. Comparing them to the other two sunscreens I bought and loved (earths recipe and the a’pieu sun cream) this is the most mediocre for me. I just don’t get as much joy from using this sunscreen. It’s still a good suncreen because it’s not oily, no white cast, no pilling, no sinking into pores. The frangrance is nice but I like those other two way more. I think between the two gel type sunscreens, I prefer earths recipe. That one is a better formulation I feel. But the price of this sunscreen is really great, especially when it’s on sale right now! I think it’s definitely a good sunscreen to get for every…[Read more]

Used the A’PIEU Pure Block Natural Sun Cream SPF 45 PA+++ today. Wow! This sinks in fast! It’s a thick cream but once you spread it, it disappears into your skin quickly and doesn’t leave any trace! And if you wait a couple minutes, it dries to a soft finish. Love this one! Also has a really light fragrance. A bit citrus but very subtle and relaxing. A bit like aromatherapy 😄

This one and the earths recipe sun gel are both really great! I enjoy using both and would definitely buy again! I’ll post again once I try out the other A’PIEU Aqua Sun Gel.

Great sunscreen! Thanks for the recommendation beauty editors! This makes applying sunscreen a fun and joyous step. The smell is so nice and waterful 😛 I only wish it came in a larger tube! Can’t wait to test out the a’pieu sunscreens I got! Will update when I try the other two and conclude which I like best! I feel like I’ve never enjoyed putting on sunscreen until today! 😂