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Iesha Brown

Verified Expert

10 Years Of Experience

Pennsylvania, York

She/Her | ieshab

Makeup Artist, Beauty Retail Expert, Nail Tech

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I’m a single mom to a special needs child named Trayton, he is blind and Autistic. So I understand the stresses of parenthood and finding quick and new methods of proper skin care. I have been a skin and beauty fanatic since I was 13 and I love to assist others through personal experience and constant research of both ingredients and long term use. My goal is to maintain an open mind and help others to do the same. While it can be frustrating seeing a popular product work great for so many, it is unrealistic to believe everything works for everyone. Which is why constantly testing and rotating products is helpful to find that perfect routine. Makeup is also one of my passions. Being able to express yourself is a beautiful thing that I want everyone, that is interested in it, to be able to try without fear. Finding what works for you can be thrilling and make you look at your routine as more of a relaxing “me time”; instead of a dreaded part of daily life.

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