Cushion Cutie

I have combination skin, sometimes sensitive too😭 #findmyskintwin

1 day 1 pack for this week😍


Has anyone tried the Mediheal Collagen and W.H.P masks? I wanted to get them when I saw it at a store the other day, but I’m not sure if they’re good, as in if they are moisturizing or not πŸ™ because I’ve seen some negative reviews about the W.H.P one for sensitive skin types πŸ™
Do you think these masks are good or there are better masks out there? I’m planning to get the Moskha masks hehe, but I need more variety! Thanks!!

fav sunscreen😍
what are your thoughts on this product? favourite sunscreens or cosrx products?

My current skincare routine!
The first two products are toners which I alternate during the week, while the last two are my favourite moisturisers that I am currently in love with, I use the CHOK CHOK GREEN TEA when I need more moisture πŸ˜‰ What are your favourite moisturers?
Any recommendations on some good sheet masks? serums?