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28-year old living in the Pacific Northwest with Dry/Combination skin = super hot summers and super cold winters! Who else out there might be my skin twin? If there’s more than one then can we be skin triplets? #findmyskintwin
When your package gets delivered a day early! 😍😍😍 And they even included sulwhasoo and laneige samples as requested!
Submitted an order two days ago and already filling my cart again~
Hey W2 Beauty community! Is anyone else having difficulty placing orders this evening? Every time I am about to pay and check the box for agreeing to the terms and conditions it tells me PayPal isn\’t available. I\’ve already contacted W2 for technical support but was curious if this was happening to anyone else. What\’s a girl gotta do to get her K-Beauty fix?
Have you ever had a skincare product that you didn’t think you’d like, but then you start using it, and it suddenly becomes the most amazing thing ever? That’s how I feel about my M A N Y O * F A C T O R Y * G A L A C T O M I S T. This lovely mist has no fragrance (yay!) and is a perfect mist to use in between skincare steps. Step out of the shower? Mist. Just washed your face? Mist. Shelf life is limited at only 6 months but I’ve gone through this mist a lot quicker than I anticipated. This mist comes in a spray bottle form, not an aerosol, so the mist is much more direct however I don’t mind that since it has more moisturizing power. Do any of you use mists in between skincare…[Read more]
There are a few brands that I would like to see W2 Beauty carry in the future (pretty, pretty please!) – J.One
– Huxley
– Pyunkang Yul
– Heimish (I finally saw the All Clean Balm in the new products section – yay!)
– Tosowoong *Insert puppy dog eyes here*
My August empties! See my comments below for a more thorough explanation and thoughts about each product!
S U N B U R N * S A V I O R S ? I was fortunate enough to witness the total solar eclipse in Salem, Oregon here in the US on Monday. I was super diligent and layered on my sunscreen, cushion with SPF 50, and stayed in the shade. Somehow I still wound up getting sunburn, or maybe not quite a sunburn but that stage juuuuuusssst before a sunburn. I have been putting lots of moisturizer on over it and letting some facial oils soak in. Aside from the obvious use of aloe, is there anything else you\’d recommend using for sunburn care? Thank you! <3 J
Living vicariously through everyone who went to the W2 Beauty booth at K-CON T^T
Can’t forget the hair care! 💁🏻
Has anyone else seen the new Ink Airy Velvet colors!? Oh my word they all look amazing! And that dry rose brown is something magical! Perfect for fall~ <3 J
F A C I A L * O I L * Q U E S T I O N: For those of you that use facial oils, do you like to layer it on after a night cream, or mix it in with a cream? Does it make any big difference which one method you use? Does mixing it together ruin the efficacy of either the cream or the oil? I\’ve been layering it on after for that extra bit of moisture. Let me know your thoughts!
Tonight it’s all about brightening! PM Routine for 8.13.17
C L E A N S I N G * W A T E R recommendations? I currently use the Neogen Dermalogy Calendula Cleansing Water and while it is very gentle I want something that is less floral and more fresh scented (even though I ironically have a flower as my header logo!) What is everyone else out there using? What would you recommend? I use cleansing water to primarily swipe it on during the weekends when I am lazy and not planning on going anywhere. <3 J