BB Boss

Can’t believe I became a Beauty Bae!! XD
Here’s a pic of me wearing my favourite k-beauty product ^_^ (3CE red recipe matte lip colour 213 – Fig)

Hey, I’m Karine! Kind of excited for this new k-beauty community. Have been shopping here for quite a while…probably the first place I ever bought Korean cosmetics from?
If I had to say which k-beauty product would be my favourite…I think it would be the 3CE red recipe matte lip colour 213 – Fig! Before I bought it, I had always gone towards pinks, oranges, and corals, but when I put it on, I instantly loved it! It makes me feel fresh? Haha So, whenever I want a fresh looking makeup, I usually use it. ^_^ Pale skin, orangey eyeshadow (I usually mix a morphe matte with a 3CE sparkle) and then this on the lip!
The first k-beauty product I bought was the Etude House Precious…[Read more]