Makeup Master

my favorite sheet mask and freebies here at beautytap🙂💕😍

hello guys this month i dont have enoug sleep and having hard time to sleep..how can i prevent having eye bag? coz they are big

when you love pink so much

finally i received my packaged the other day and this box made my day even though i have in so much stress now a days😍😍😍💕💕and im suprised and impressed upon opening the box , it so cute inside
beautytap the box its so cute ❤️😍😍

when your into kpop or kworkd..i like my hair to be dye to😂😂

happy to know that my order already shipped and please have nature republic soothing gel stock

from the start of the month of april upto now im trying to consume the sample size that i got from lastyear upto this year, some i give to my friends and some i used the and here are they my empty sample size product bottle or tube

good for hydration,smellgood,make your skin some,for brightening

hi beauties could you help me
what good skin care for my brother he has an acne on his face and hebis 14 years old?

my current foam rightnow and i just love it

dont know if im just the only one who happened this issue ..im glad beautytap giving now the reward points but the same time im sad about this one i already gain the social status beauty queen since october 2,2017 ..but when you gave reward regarding points my social status go down to make up master..i think is not fair

throwback makeup🙂💄💋these are the first make up set that ive got for my self and im loving the pink color https://instagram.com/p/BZTM0Avj3Vc/

hello beauties i want to show you a throwback picture on my first ever product that ive got myself🙂

feeling sick but dont want to look like one redlippies and pink blush is all you need🙂

i just notice now i think my social status got level down from what i remember its already in beauty queen status now go back to make up master

had anyone of you experience it?

cute packaging really always attract my attention😍😍😂😂i got this jeju alovera gel from the faceshop i just dont want to use it im afraid to ruin the packaging

loving this pink color product that ive got