Double Cleanse Diva

Officially switching over to my Spring/Summer time skincare this week and these two are gonna be my hydration duo. I’ve been using two toners for my 7 (some times 5) layers of toner and these two are a little match made in heaven. The even look like the belong together lol. I live basically in the desert so hydration is an absolute must.

This little baby size has lasted me for quite some time and it’s bigger sister about to join the family! Praise TWICE that the sale got extended <3<3<3

So after putting it off for forever, I finally caved a tried the Klairs toner about 2 months ago and I’m so hooked. It definitely makes me want to try more products from their brand. Also, the whole 7 skin method was another “trend” I was putting off but that combined with this toner has permanently changed my skincare routine. Anyone else have favorites from Klairs or toners they like for layering?

Anyone else planning their summer skincare routine yet?

I always switch up my routine a bit when the seasons change and summer always means some type of propolis/honey product for me. Two thumbs up for CosRx putting their sleeping masks in tubes, I’m gonna have to get my hands on one or two of these before it heats up.

I’m down to my last to y’all. I need to replenish this stash ASAP.