Double Cleanse Diva

Hi Tapisphere! 🌹

Q. If you could choose only one product line to use, which would it be? Why?

My answer: Swanicoco. Because they have a large selection of products addressing a wide range of skin care concerns – including hair and body. They manage to satisfy my love for fermented ingredients and Hanbang AND my desire for products backed by results driven, scientifically sound research. I also feel that I’m getting more for the money, few of their products are much over $50,00. To seal the deal, they use quality, effective and skin-safe ingredients. I wish they made a night mask, though.

How about you?

The posts start below and work upward.

And, finally… The samples included with numerous orders. Also, sorry for the poor quality of the pics. I took them in low light with flash, so they’re over saturated. And a very interested kitty kept trying to get on the displays 😁!!

And more…

There’s more…

Alright, here goes… The Postal Gods were good to me. I’ve finally taken pictures of what amounts to approximately my first six weeks on the site worth of orders. I decided not to try anything until I had received all my initial purchases. As I was displaying everything from picture taking, I had numerous thoughts: 1. I’m definitely a k-beautyaholic. 2. I could open a small, illegal k-beauty shop in my home. 3. Now I have Christmas and birthday gifts covered for my friends and family… for the next several years. 4. I’ve eaten my shoe budget for the foreseeable future. 5. I’m in heaven 😁. So here it is.

Postal Gods,

Please deliver my orders. I\’ve only misbehaved a little this year.

Thank you!