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“Comments are closed for this item” Ummm?? I don’t think that’s how this works, you don’t just close the reviews on a product???

Never had this problem before, and honestly I have to say my opinion on the new W2B has been declining rapidly in the past few weeks and this doesn’t help in any way in fixing that 😕

I really need to stop going “oh, I wonder if THIS klairs sample will be good”

Newsflash, me: They’re all good, and you know once you try it you’re going to want to buy it, so stop trying them! 😝

Hey guys! What are your recommended cushions/pacts for medium+ coverage on dry skin? Is the finish satiny, dewy, matte, etc?

(Oh, I’m between Missha Perfect shades 13 and 21 depending on the time of year, btw!)

Just got my haul! Everything was wrapped really nicely in the new boxes and the fish brush is gorgeous and really soft! πŸ˜€

(Please ignore the fact that my phone camera is scratched enough to have its own blur filter, haha)

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I\’ve been looking for a brown-leaning red lip tint/stain, but I\’m having a hard time since so many K-beauty lip colors are very pink or orange or purple. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Skin79 Intense Classic is one of my Holy Grail products – matte finish, medium-to-high coverage, SPF 35/PA++

Since I live in a desert that gets up to 110+ Β°F (43+ Β°C), wearing a dewy/glossy finish BB cream just DOES NOT work if you have any intention of going outside for any amount of time. But I’ve found that this matte finish actually works out really well in the heat! It doesn’t stay totally matte if you’re sweating, of course, but it stays in the “reasonably dewy” range instead of getting into a “my face is literally melting” situation.

Several other important features for me:
– It doesn’t break me out! I have fairly sensitive skin, so this is a big one for me, but I’ve had z…[Read more]

Must have resource for ALL Asian beauty – including Korean~!

So pumped that the new K2 launch happened on my birthday! πŸ™‚

When western beauty goes too far! haha