Cushion Cutie

So to all you beauty junkies out there I have a burning question. What is the one or two products that you always have in your cabinet? I mean we are talking beyond the HG status. The one where you have one bottle/jar/tube open and two more in stock. And you get a little jittery when you think it might – just might be discontinued. For me it may be the Etude House Moistful Collagen Eye Cream. Let me know.

Hi! I’m Lissa. I have mature (ahem) dry, sensitive skin that has been getting rather dull. First I was looking for sunscreen. Every American sunscreen made me break out and irritate the snot out of my skin. Getting older I really needed to watch my sun exposure. So I searched and search and fell into the k-beauty thing. Some crazy people (fanservice-b, Snow White and the Asian Pear, Fiddy, etc) all swore there were these amazing products our of Korea and Japan. Sunscreen that did not have a white cast? No! And absorbed into the skin with no grease? No! So I tried a couple. And they worked! Well! I could use sunscreen – daily! With no acne, rashes, swelling, or general grossness. And…[Read more]