Beauty Wall

Dear BeautyTap,
Please bring back the Etude Wonder Pore skincare line 🙂
I wish this spot corrector from Face Shop will return in beautytap. I swear this one is really proven effective. I had to go other site just to order this but not liking their Customer service. Please bring back this item jjusaeyo 💋
I’m currently inlove with these products. It suits perfectly on oily/combi acne prone skin like me. Totally recommended!!! Will add them again on my next cart. I think the shipping issue has been solved now. So will checkout some stuffs soon ❤
My orders arrived after more than a month… regardless of the delay, BeautyTap knows how to tease you giving so many freebies. Thank you again and have a good new year ahead 🎉
Turned 33 today and hubby got me spending cash. Options were the makeup set I like or this pretty thing… I didn’t even budge, I’ll just hit the checkout button before Christmas lol ?
When you literally love Kbeauty products and Kpop…. the collagen pact looks nice. However, it came only on #21 shade.
Finally got my orders today…. hugs and kisses to whoever packed my stuffs, its wonderfully done. Nothing got broken, and got my pact powder in perfect condition. Kudos to w2 team, my love to you all, thank you for the wonderful freebies. I will enjoy them and share it with my friends so they’ll get hooked in K-beauty as well.
At 30\’s I have been figuring out how to minimise the oiliness of my skin. Pretty much struggling, since I regularly wear make up to work. I hate it when my skin reeks with oil 😭
Oh I forgot, it’s thanksgiving holiday in Korea hence, orders last week or this week might get delayed due to their long holidays. Greetings to all celebrating the Chuseok festival, may you have a wonderful and fun time with your family.
I wanna win the K-Beauty Starter Box (For Oily Skin) Strikin’ It Rich: Eclado Gold Essential Mask Review
It’s about time finally…. I’m not familiar with VT cosmetics but I’m happy to try for the sake of my love to Bangtan hehehe. I checked their insta account and they got cool skin care line. I’m interested with the sun pact, wish W2 include this brand soon 😍
Omg have you seen this new Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin E Mask?
I can’t wait to have this, I’m sure this is a perfect fit with Klairs Fresh Juice Vitamin Drop 🙂
Oh happy days…. I hit the magical button haha 🙂
This time I have ordered the bright and light box!
Hey ladies, I spotted Korean Box yesterday amongst the shop option, but somehow it wasn\’t there anymore.
Any idea if the \’light & bring box\’ is still available? I hope it is…
Another thing I noticed is that the KLAIRS Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop photo is not showing (my phone is probably broken, if you could see it in W2, haha)
On a side note, @pohim might have been busy these days, I don\’t spot him in the community nowadays lol 😉
1 more week… I can’t wait!!!
Ladies hold tight, payday is coming haha 😉
Sorting, organizing and cleaning our bathroom since it’s a weekend ❤
I got this as a freebie on my last order and tried it on last night…. and I was really impressed. It’s really good on skin so I check it out. I almost fainted was I saw the price lol…. well maybe next time 😉 The History of Whoo All in One Cream 70ml
Holly molly…. I won this week\’s #W2Beautyhaul and I\’m tempted to hit the checkout button again. I should remind myself that it\’s not even the middle of the month yet. Hey paycheck wait for me…. soon, soon this ajjuma will hit the paypal button ?😂 Thank you again W2 team, thanks Alice ❤