BB Boss

What’s everyone’s new year resolution(s) ?

I have 2-
1 = Get back to the gym and WORK for it!
2 = Find good products to reduce redness in my cheeks.

Last year you lovely people really helped with the hydrating products (even the work air-con no longer affects me).
It’s time to tackle the red!

Help needed from people with oily skin!!

The boyfriend has finally agreed to let me help sort out his skin regime as he only uses an exfoliating scrub. But he has a completely different skin type to me. He wants me to make a custom kit for xmas so I’m starting early…. don’t want to spend massive amounts in case he doesn’t like them.

More info: he has oily red skin. Not sensitive and it’s quite smooth.
I was thinking of getting a foam cleanser, some sort of peeling gel, toner, moisturiser and sun cream. His main conerns are reducing oil, reducing redness and quick easy products.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!


Just filled out my bio on my sensitive and dry skin and hope to #findmyskintwin who can give me tips!

Payday is coming and my list of products keeps growing… important is food? 😜

So jealous of everyone going to K-CON. We don’t have it in the UK 😣😭😢

Is it just me or is this stuff the exact same as Benefit’s Porefessional primer but a smidge of the price?

I just used the last of my toner….and my backup hasn’t arrived yet….