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Mendy Loveall

Verified Expert

3 Years Of Experience

Oregon, Salem


Advanced Aesthetician

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Hello, I have been in aesthetics of some sort all of my life. I am currently an advanced aesthetician and received my license in 2017. I work with lasers as well as facials and body sculpting machines. I have worked in Portland Oregon for three years and I am starting my own business . My previous experience is in retail merchandising, visual display and fashion design. I have an associate of arts degree in fashion design and art history. I worked in fashion design for approximately seven years in Los Angeles. I also have a bachelor of arts and science in clinical psychology. I was always interested in how people think and what makes people act the way they do. Abnormal behavior was my major. I worked for the state during my clinical studies with mentally challenged adults with behavioral issues in a lockdown facility. This gave me great insight into mannerisms and psyche. As an advanced aesthetician this has helped me learn how to create bonds with people and put them at ease.

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