BB Boss

Husband: Why is your face so greasy
Me: It’s not greasy it’s hydrated! I did a 7 skin hydration ritual. It’s chok chok darling
Husband: It’s greasy
Me: No it’s dewey
Husband: It’s Kentucky Fried chicken wings nom nom

*face palm* I can’t even! ROFL

I’m liking this refresh water from Heimish! Also since becoming educated about ph balance of the skin and switching to a cleanser with ph of 3.5 my skin has cleared up overnight! Skin revolution!

My favorite sheet mask by far

True story

So delicious! I.just.can’t.stop!!!

Good day y\’all. There are 3 products I\’d like to buy and I\’d just like to find out if anyone has tried them and has good reviews or critiques?
CosRx galactomyces power essence
Etude house 24K Gold Therapy collagen eye patches (I did see review on 50 shades of snail!)
Tony Moly kiss kiss lip scrub

It\’s all fine and well to read package promises but I would like the reviews of real people! Many thanks

Skincare fail! Skin has been glowing and brilliant and then I got a bit overly brave and combined daily glycolic acid with exfoliation product with salicylic acid in it. Needless to say my skin revolted and Ive ended up with dry peeling patches around my mouth and nose. Slathering on the moisturiser every 10min.
Note to self: It is skin not leather!