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Another one of my hauls came in today. Couldn’t resist the sale on my favourite Sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask. If you haven’t tried it, then you need to.
Also, decided to try out the Sandawha liposome line, keeping my fingers crossed that it’s moisturizing enough for my dry skin. Have any of you tried this line? On other note, again all I received were Benton samples, major bummer!
Guess until beautytap runs out of Benton samples, that’s all people are gonna be getting. Not saying samples aren’t appreciated, but from a consumer’s point of view, getting only a particular brand’s sample (repeatedly) isn’t very exciting, especially on a big platform that carries…[Read more]
Hello everyone,
So, after three weeks of waiting, my order finally arrived today.
I got the Eclado toner and cream set on sale, it originally retails for around 180 USD (insane, I know). 😌
Got it for my mum, though. I hope she likes it. (let me know if anyone has tried these products)
Also, as I was unpacking, I noticed that the bottle top on the toner was dented. Luckily, there wasn’t any damage to the bottle and no product leakage. Though, I wish people were more careful while handling parcels during transit.
On a side note, I received only benton samples and no samples from other brands. Did this happen to anyone else, too? Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the samples but…[Read more]
The lip balm that helped heal my dry, chapped lips.
Currently on my morning skincare routine
So, this arrived just in time for my birthday (yes, I’m a scorpio 😎). I took advantage of the sale and treated myself with these goodies. And, W2beauty is trying to spoil me with all these samples, it’s like they knew it was my b’day, though they’re always super generous. Thanks, guys. 😁😄
Anyone with dry, dehydrated, sensitive, acne prone, skin.? I can\’t be the only one.! 🙄 😥 😢
Goodal moisture barrier cream, contains 50 ml of product for around 31usd, comes in a jar with a spatula. It has a whipped cream kind of consistency and it melts as soon as it comes in contact with your skin. This cream absorbs in no time, maybe because I have dry skin but I don’t get that heavy feeling after applying this. I use it as my day time moisturizer and it does sit well under my sunscreen and foundation.
I tried to take a pic of the ingredients but my phone camera couldn’t pick up the fine print.
One thing that I don’t like about this cream is the fragrance, which is quite strong, imo. Well, fragrance is listed as an ingredient so that explains it. Otherwise this cream…[Read more]
Goodal moisture barrier liquid, has a viscous but non sticky consistency. It spreads easily, absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and plump. It comes in a squeezy kind of bottle, contains 120 ml of product, which lasts me at least a couple of months, with once a day usage.
I have dry flaky skin and I like to layer my products instead of just putting one or two heavy products, so this serves well for that purpose.
It contains niacinamide pretty high up the list but then alcohol denat. isn’t far behind. I’d say it’s a mix of good and not so good ingredients but it works for me.
I’m very bad at describing fragrances, to me it smells like artificial flowers but the…[Read more]
Anybody spot their favorites.? 😉
It’s one thing to get your mom addicted to k-beauty, it’s another to get your dad addicted, too. 😁😎
Second pic shows the ingredients, if anyone is curious.
Yes, these are just samples.! 😍
I was having a shitty day and then this arrived in the mail. 😆
My dry skin’s best friends, argan oil and snail mucin.!
When it’s been raining all day on a weekend. The way I combat dark, gloomy days like these is by eating pizza, catching up on youtube videos and ofcourse pampering my skin.
Some of my favorite sheet masks from Innisfree.
K-beaut lover since three years and counting…