Elma S.(She/Her)Skin Experts, Beauty Retail Expert, Beauty Photographer
certificateVerified ExpertgroupHCM, TBbriefcase10 Years in Beauty Industry
aboutAbout Me
Zephorah Nuré has beauty knowledge from multiple perspectives and has worked with major brands in the industry. “I transform my experience into written work and video content,” she says, “to educate them.” As with all the Beauty Experts featured here, she is dedicated to furthering her education. “I've learned about cruelty-free products and the difference between vegan and non-vegan brands [as well as] how ingredients work with the skin, and how beauty brands differ by price points.”
aboutMy Activities
No Activities
Beauty Attributes
Skin ConcernsSun Damage/ Hyperpigmentation
Hair Type2c - Distinct S-waves with some spiral curls
Top Concernmedium- pink/ cool
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New Reviewer
New Visual Voice

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