Payton E.Makeup Artist (Freelance), Esthetician
certificateExpert Content CreatorgroupAnkeny, Iowabriefcase2 Years in Beauty Industry
aboutAbout Me
I started as a solo esthetician right out of beauty school and have fallen more and more in love with it every day. I have my very own suite in Ankeny. I perform services such as lash extensions, lash lifts, brown henna and reshaping, facials and treatments, skin consultations, and make up applications! My clients are my favorite. Meeting so many new people and getting to help them feel and look their best is so rewarding. I recently have started to do online skincare and make up consultation as well as in person master classes. I have always been an advocate for skincare that works. Not because it is name brand or cost lots of money but because it genuinely works. That is why in my spa I do not exclusively carry one brand. I carry quite a few and in my consultations with clients I am constantly recommending products that are in their budget, area, or what I believe to be the best of their brand of comfort. Sometimes drugstore is just better! Sometimes you need something medical grade - it is all situational. I care for my clients deeply and want the best for them. I hate the idea of a scam or a beauty professional just in the industry for the money. I do my very best to make sure that anyone that interacts with me online or in the spa knows my recommendations are genuine and will benefit them. I believe I have definitely built that trust with my clients and with my followers!
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Beauty Attributes
Skin TypeNormal/ Balanced
Skin ConcernsPost Acne Scaring, Sun Damage/ Hyperpigmentation, Pores & Blackheads
Hair Type2a - Loose, stretched S-waves
Top Concernmedium-neutral
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