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I am 34 years old with very sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin. #findmyskintwin

Dear. Alice or other W2beauty staffs, Can you list this Etude House Oh my eye lash blank tint mascara? As you already know, this famous mascara is ranked as the best (1st place) mascara in 2016 and 2nd place in 2017 (same score with Isehan’s Kiss me mascara but fewer reviewers –> 2nd place) through “glowpick review” (very famous Korean app, 100 % reviewed and scored by Korean customers). Many reviewers say that this mascara can even beat Isehan’s Kiss me mascara in terms of no clumps, natural looking, long lasting, no scattering powder. Very reasonable price compared to Kiss me! I want to try this!!

Best summer festival look for the eyes! you will love the bright, vivid, refreshing summer color collection. I think Etude House is always making me happy with colors! My favorite colors are “grapefruit tart” and “Muscle mania”

Perfect Fall/winter eye-shadow pallet! I am in love with this colors! Soft texture and long lasting without clumps. Deep roasting coffee color (brown based; good for daily look). Look at those awesome colors. My favorite fall looks! you will love them all!

Anyone ever used April skin’s magic stone soap? I don’t like using soap, rather use cleansing foam, but this soap is very nice to have. These soaps are all natural, but effective, which make them especially popular among teens.The ingredient lists are stellar, containing a blend of Korean herbal extracts. The soap is hard like a hard candy and it smells nicely refreshing. I am using the black one with charcoal and it works for my sensitive skin so far!

Can anybody recommend me the best cushion pact?? Currently I am using April Skin Magic snow cushion. I need something with very good coverage to cover my pimples, hydrating but not heavy, and of course, natural looking!

I am using Isehan Kissme Heroine eye mascara now. Very light and fast drying. I have very weak eyelash, so too thick and heavy mascara will always make my eyes “Panda Eyes’, pushing my eyelashes down and down. I am looking for a K-beauty mascara like this! Can anybody recommend me one? IT should be light! and fast drying!

Recommend the best (comparing quality vs. price) sunscreen ever! soft texture, easy to put, all day fresh skin without excess oil or heavy feeling. Fast absorbing and Fresh Aloe extract. 2017 glowpick winner sunscreen! Getitbeauty (very popular K beauty broadcasting) 2nd award winner (from the blind testing). Very good good price for that quality! I love it.

Favorite all natural cosmetic line! Benton! I’ve used many natural products before and sometimes they do work but sometimes they don’t do. Benton did the best job ever. My skin feels a lot smoother. I am living in California, very very dry weather. But even during the winter, Benton did best job protecting my skin from drying out.