Cushion Cutie

On a related note, I read that removing forehead hair can make the face look brighter. To the people who remove their forehead hair: does the hair grow back thicker? And what do you find is the best tool for hair removal?

Anyone have any suggestions for minimising forehead wrinkles? I can see the beginnings of permanent lines 😭

Liking the new beautytap homepage! There were some teething issues initially where I was unable to log in using my phone but this appears to have been fixed. 😊

Any chance the Chinese medi MasKingdom masks will be made available on beautytap? I know they’re technically a Taiwanese brand, not Korean, but Jude Chao has convinced me that I need them in my life! Unforunately the sites that currently sell them have pretty expensive shipping costs to Australia. 🙁

Received my first dailytap email today! Finally a reason to look forward to checking my emails everyday!

Anyone have any suggestions for an SLS free shampoo/conditioner that’s good for damaged hair? I regularly get my hair straightened and am currently using the Aveda damage remedy line which is great but also super expensive. 😭 I’m looking for a cheaper Asian beauty alternative!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to sign up for a daily email notification for the daily beautytap deals? I clicked on a link in the last beautytap email that said ‘Sign up now for our dailytap deals!’ but when I clicked on it and followed the steps I got an error message saying I’m already signed up to the main list. I also don’t see an option anywhere in my settings to get the daily deals.

Long time no post fellow kbeauty fans! Unfortunately my firewall at work doesn’t seem to like the new website URL and the site takes a while to load on my phone. 🙁 In my last order I received the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C serum which I’ve started using at night. Not sure if there are any visible effects yet but also no negative reactions which I count as a win.

I was a bit disappointed as I was also meant to receive the Swanicoco Pure Plant Stem ampoule so I could add some ginseng to my routine but it wasn’t in my order and I had to email to find out it was out of stock. 🙁 I received a store credit but honestly I’d be happy if they just sent it to me when it came back in…[Read more]

Has anyone tried the Swanicoco Plant Stem Pure Ampoule (99% wild ginseng)? Any thoughts/reviews??

Does anyone else have a problem with fluff on their face after cleansing? Not sure if I just have poor quality towels but every time I pay dry my face after cleansing, I end up with minutes bits of fluff on my face. I can’t see them initially but once I start putting on my skincare layers I can feel them and I start obsessively wiping them off! Does anyone else have this problem or even better, a fix?? The facefluff is real. 😭

I’m thinking about taking advantage of the SanDaWha sale and getting one of the creams. Does anyone know if either the SanDaWha Ultra Rich Hydrating Camellia Floral Water Cream or the SanDaWha ReNew Moisturizing Liposome Cream is good for reducing redness?

Great Instagram live stream on instagram by @jude chao on hanbang skincare today! I woke up extra early for it (damn time zones) and have no regrets! Thanks for organising W2Beauty and props to @ruth kim for the help behind the camera. 👍 Also, loved the hanbang obsessed chicken!! 🐔

Just wondering whether anyone has received their 15% off code yet for the find my skin twin campaign yet?

Woohoo, made it to cushion cutie!! Thanks for everyone’s help in getting me here! 😊💛

Anyone else excited by the Romand sale?? I confess I’m a total newbie when it comes to makeup. I do the bare minimum of bb cream, eyeliner and mascara for work. But after seeing some people rave about Romand I’m tempted! What are people’s must have recommendations??

Random fact I thought I’d share. Did you know suffering from allergies can actually affect the way you look? (Other than breaking out in hives/rashes that is!) Even though I’ve been a long-term sufferer of allergies to pretty much everything in the environment (grass, fur, DUST MITES, etc) since I was young, I only recently found out that it can actually shape the way you look.

Specifically, it can result in ‘long face syndrome’ which is where being unable to breathe through the nose and consequently constantly breathing through the mouth can result in a longer, narrower face. It can even mean a change to your bite (which explains my need for braces!)

Allergies can also cause dark…[Read more]

I’m in my late 20s living in Sydney with combination (leaning dry) and super sensitive skin. I’m also excited about this new promotion W2beauty has going! #findmyskintwin

The thought of putting acids on my face freaks me out enormously but I keep reading how amazing they are for the skin so I thought I’d try to have the community help assuage my fears. 🙂

Questions for those who use the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid religiously:
1. Do you use it on your whole face or just the blackhead prone areas like the nose?
2. I’ve read that it can result in purging initially – What is purging (it sounds gross and traumatising) and are there ways to minimise/avoid it?
3. How often do you use it if you’ve never used acids before?

I tried the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner for the first time and I am in love! “Supple” is really the key word here as it honestly leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and soft the next morning. It also feels nice going on and absorbs really quickly. I think it’s definitely going to become a staple in my skincare regime going forward!

Tried the Moksha Dear Honey sheet mask and I am in love! It was super moisturising and left my skin feeling supple and smooth which remained until the next morning. The mask also had a pleasant scent and fit fairly well on my face. Thanks for the freebie W2Beauty!