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Here is my new order!! 😊
Unfortunately there weren’t 4 products😒, but they had warned me by email, so it’s ok😉…but, in exchange, I had a lot of samples and face masks for free, so I’m really excited to try them and my new products!😍😍😍
Yay!!!😀👏my new order has been shipped …I can\’t wait for it to arrive!!😍
Finally my second order has arrived😁, but unfortunately also this time I noticed that there were 3 missing products😤: Goodal Waterest Lasting Water Oil, Etude House Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack and The Saem Power Ampoule Vitalizing (that has disappeared from the site)…
I hope to receive a refund soon …
To console me at least I have a lot of samples!!😊
Is it just my impression, or are missing some products and brands that were there before?
One of my orders has finally arrived a few days ago.😊😍
Unfortunately, there weren’t 3 products😔 but they made me a refund, so I would say that’s fine.😉
And there were really really a lot of samples!!!!😍😍😍
Merry Christmas to all of you !!!! 😊😘
Yay!!!! Finally, also my second order has been shipped!!!!😄
Don\’t give up, it seems that now all the orders are starting to be ship🙂
Finally one of my two orders has been shipped … now I hope that the other will be shipped soon …
Me too, during these days full of offers, I ordered two boxes overflowing!😁 (one for me😍and one for Christmas gifts😉)…can\’t wait to see my boxes come and I hope they arrive in time for Christmas!😊😍😍
Hello everyone!😄
I would like to ask you if you know an eye cream that really helps me to minimize dark circles, but that doesn\’t cost too much…any advice? 😊
I was thinking about the Etude House Honey Cera Priming Eye Serum…has anyone already tried it?😊
Hello everyone! 😊Have any of you already tried the CELLNCO cushion?
I would like to try it, but I’m not sure whether it goes well or not for my skin type (combo-dehydrated and acne prone skin). ?I would also like to know if it has a dewy finish or if it’s semi-matt.😊
Hello everyone!😊 I leave you another video from the fantastic Liah Yoo.😍 Enjoy this video!😘
Yay!😁 Now I\’m a multi-masker!!!!!😍
Thank you all for always responding to my comments and for the likes!😘
Some of you have already tried this mask?😊
I tried it last night and I was quite satisfied with it.
It has a strong herbal scent, but I didn’t mind and my skin was beautifully hydrated and less irritated. The only thing is that the edges of the mask dry out very quickly and, at that point, the mask doesn’t fit perfectly (maybe I would have preferred a most juicy mask).
Overall I think it is still a great mask.😊
Hi! 😊 I have dehydrated combination skin and acne prone (and as if that weren\’t enough, I also suffer from hormonal acne!😭) #findmyskintwin
I have dehydrated and combination skin and I wanted to try this Innisfree mask😊
I think it’s a very good mask and it definitely helps with replenishing moisture loss. This mask comes with a plastic coating which has to be removed first, the fit is perfect and has a pleasant smell! After removing it, I could see that my skin was glow and hydrated and there were no dry patches anymore! 😊
I definitely love this mask and I’ll buy it again for sure!!😍
This morning I tried the Skinfood black sugar strawberry mask and … you were right!😮
The smell is fantastic!!!!😍The sugar grains gently exfoliate the skin without irritating and the skin remains soft and velvety, not dry at all!😊
I definitely love this mask !!😍😍😍
Have any of you already tried this sheet mask?😊
I have received it like a freebes…I think it’s pretty good, my skin was beautifully hydrated. The only thing is that I found it slightly “slippery” (I often had to fix it because it slipped from my face)🙂
Only now I’ve noticed that the bio section has been added😮👏…have you already noticed it?😊
Finally my order arrived!😍 I’m very very happy!!!😁👏
Everything was packed perfectly and there were lots of samples!!!😊 It’s a pity that there wasn’t the candy, I was curious to taste it since everyone said it was good…patience, it will be next time😄😉
I can’t wait to try all the new products!😍😍😍 I put some photos below… then, after a while I will use the products, I will write some reviews😉😊