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Stephanie Kinard

Verified Expert

25 Years Of Experience

Illinois, Princeton

She/Her | stephaniekinard

Esthetician, Beauty School Educator, Beauty Retail- Other Retail

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Hi there... My name is Stephanie and I am a licensed esthetician and esthetics instructor. I have been doing makeup professionally for 20+ yrs and I obtained my esthetics licenses over 10 yrs ago. I worked in the financial sector at the Chicago Board of Trade for 15+ years before making this career switch. I've worked at various places, including medical based establishments, but my main emphasis is in holistic treatments that incorporate touch, and aroma while utilizing non toxic ingredients. Ask me anything that you're concerned about. I'm all about double cleansing, toners and facial oils, but let's chat anyway. :) Follow me on IG @ stephaniek9349 and q.b.o.s

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