BB Boss

The 3CE eyeshadow palette came! Again, thank you at beautytap for choosing me for their Kbeauty Hunt giveaway. ☺️

It\’s basically been awhile since I\’ve posted on my wall. My nursing classes has kept me occupied majority of the time. Luckily, since I\’m in need to re-stock on my skincare products, looking through the site is such as good way to de-stress, LOLOL.

Hey there! I\’m a college student from Canada and an avid skin care lover, and my skin usually ranges from normal to combination. Looking forward to some recommendations. 😊

This is completely out of nowhere but, I\’ve basically collected a lot of empty cosmetic containers throughout the year, and I guess I was just curious as how others recycle their empties. 😬

I probably received the greatest compliments I’ve ever gotten, Aha.

Basically, I went to work today in the morning looking quite tired, with my bare face and puffy eye bags. I just had my skin care routine, sunscreen, and plain lip balm on. I was talking to one of my co-worker before I clocked in, and while we were talking, all of a sudden she just said

“You have really nice skin by the way.”

Internally, I was freaking out and it made my morning a whole lot better. AHAHA. All that dedication to both my morning and evening skincare is paying off.

Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone ever got the the discount code that came with the rainbow fish brush, because I don\’t think I ever got one. I don\’t really know how it works either. Help a girl out? Ahaha.

One word. Aesthetics. Ahahaha.
I just recently found out that Edward Avila is gonna release another song. Aaahhhh. I really liked the previous one and I can’t wait for this one.

I’ve received my package.

And as always, I ate the grape candy right away, Ahaha.
I can’t wait to use all the items, especially the Benton Aloe BHA Toner, since I’ve heard from many that it’s a great hydrating toner and hopefully it’ll become one of my favourites.

Talk about perfect timing!

Just recently place an order and currently waiting for it\’s a arrival, while the site gets a pretty huge update. Coincidence? aha.
Perhaps I\’ll be doing a bit of a review with the items I\’ve purchased once they\’ve arrive. In the meantime, I guess I\’ll just be exploring the new site update. πŸ™‚