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Does anyone else break out HARD after getting sick? Like I just got over the flu AND started my period at the same time. My face is not happy. At all.

I put in my first three day shipping order a few days ago, and I have been getting non. stop. emails.

Two emails every hour. Is this normal? I’m excited to get my order in, but this is a little ridiculous…

I decided to start a sort of skincare diary on Instagram! If anyone would like to follow my skin-ventures, my username is marthamasks!

Just had to leave a less-than-stellar review on the Purito Buffet Serum. T___T

Why oh why does there have to be lavender oil in it???

Last night I started up my BHA again with the stridex pads, but I was so tired and couldn’t bring myself to sheet mask before bed. I still needed extra moisture, so I decided to try one thing that I thought was only for dry skinned people: I layered creams.

Now the cosrx aloe cream is only a cream by name, as it’s a lightweight gel. But on top of that, I layered the etude house moistful collagen cream, and this morning I woke up to a pleasant surprise! My skin was hydrated and plump, with no signs of clogging! My routine was as follows:

Point Makeup Removal – Simple Micellar Cleansing Water
Oil Cleanse – Kose Deep Cleansing Oil
Foam Cleanse – CeraVe Foaming Cleanser
BHA -…[Read more]

Skin Storytime:

Earlier this year, my mother went to the dermatologist to check a mole on her upper back, and it turned out to be basal cell carcinoma. They were able to biopsy it and I would apply a cream to the wound at night to close it up and it worked out just fine.

She just went in for a follow-up to check on how it was healing. That spot was fine. But the derm found another basal cell carcinoma in her eyebrow. It was biopsied, but it’s not superficial so it’s going to require surgery.

We’re waiting on the results of the biopsy to see how bad it is…honestly I didn’t even think of putting sunscreen in my eyebrows before. I always apply every morning and reapply with…[Read more]

I ordered this toner on amazon and it arrived August 17th. I’ve been using it like crazy and I’m already almost out.

I think I have maaaaaaaybe a week’s worth of use left? 5 days? That’s still not even a month total. I love this stuff so much. It’s so calming and refreshing. I use it as a toner, as a mist, to refresh my makeup. It’s always in my work tote when I’m not using it at home.

This is my gateway drug to centella and it makes me even more excited about my purito buffet serum that’s coming in the mail! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to order another bottle so I may happily mist away~

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Did I need more sheet masks? No. Did the Wonjin Effect Water Bomb masks go on sale? Yes.

Just made my second order on here. The first one came in on Tuesday.

I\’m going to bed to reflect upon what I\’ve done….

TLDR; I\’ve been wanting to try the Wonjin Effect masks since June and they were a DailyTap so my 2nd order was earlier than expected. My wallet is crying but my skin is so excited.

I’m so annoyed. How does Laneige know my weakness is BEARS?!? I’m just wondering is this their famous water sleeping pack with a whitening powder to mix in individual portions?

Okie dokie, time to start introducing my regular products! I know everybody and their mama uses the cosrx snail essence, but it’s been my ride or die for 3 years so I had to say SOMETHING. It’s a wonderful soother and hydrator, and my sensitive and acne-prone skin doesn’t break out from it since the ingredients list is so short. 96% pure snail, baby! The added niacinamide is also appreciated. I always have a bottle of this in my skincare basket, and I will continue using it for the foreseeable future!

I guess I should start this beauty wall thing!

Last night my skin was feeling a bit irritated so I slapped this baby on. I looooove the Illi camellia masks! The essence is super creamy and rich, just what I need to soothe and pamper my skin. It also smells amazing??? These masks are huge so they fit my face, but if you are smoll, you may need to do some cut and fold action. I only have one left after using this, so I need to stock up again before the colder months hit!

After taking the mask off and patting in the essence, I put on a non-offensive cream and went to bed. I’m happy to report that my skin feels much better this morning! Bless.

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