Cushion Cutie

Who are you favourite youtube ‘beauty gurus’ to watch? ?

Am I the only one who keeps finding random products being added to the ‘products I like’ page? when I haven’t added anything new to it myself? 🙈

I used to read a lot of beauty and fashion blogs but throughout the years, video reviews on YouTube have become more prominent. What do you prefer? Read blog posts or watch videos?

Have you tried Etude House before? If yes, what are your fave products from them?

Yay, I’m so happy that the community section has finally launched! My name’s Nicole and I’m from the UK. I create YouTube videos and sometimes write blog posts too! Click the link I’ve attached to check out my channel 😊

I’ve been into k-beauty since 6 years ago and my love for it will probably never fade β™‘ it’s hard to choose just 1 favourite brand, but I love Klairs for Skincare, Innisfree for Mascara and TonyMoly for Eyeliner. How about you?