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Kat Burki
Kat Burki Skincare was founded by internationally recognized Skin Nutritionist™ Kat Burki. After a successful career in nutrition and disease management, Kat Burki could not find products that focused on skin health and healing holistically. Just like food heals the body in multiple ways – not just one vitamin, nutrient or magic cure all – skincare should work the same.What began as a simple mission has grown into Kat Burki Skincare, a line of quality, efficacious products, that employs Nutritional Medicine to put the focus on the health and wellness of the body’s largest organ, the skin.KAT BURKI - YOUR PERSONAL SKIN NUTRITIONIST™All formulas are maximized for anti-inflammation, absorption, and healing. Clinically proven, our products deliver the WHOLE nutrition necessary for your skin to function at its best.Based on individual needs, the line is divided into four categories to ensure a completely customizable skin health regime: Prevention, Reversal, Renewal and Skin Canvas Welcome to your most successful skin healing journey!Kat Burki challenges the status quo with WHOLE NUTRITION SKINCARE.Skincare that puts a premium on cutting-edge nutritional science.This is Skincare Reimagined.
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