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Since the brand first launched in 2012, Papa Recipe has always strived to find the best, most natural, and raw ingredients. (After all, that’s what makes their “recipe” truly special!) From their early products, like the Organic Jojoba Oil, to their more recent innovations (hello, Bombee Honey Mask!), this Korean skincare brand believes that the formula to create the best products comes not only from the ingredients list itself, but also from the actual journey to discover these formulas. Having expanded the brand from Korea to China, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, and the U.S., the people behind Papa Recipe are constantly out on the field, physically seeing and feeling ingredients, communicating and interacting with the local people, and challenging themselves to fully integrate and experience each culture. The brand’s commitment to embark on a “skin voyage to find a true recipe” for each and every product makes Papa Recipe a well-loved and truly effective skincare brand the world over.