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At Sekkisei Clear Wellness, we believe in loving what's natural - natural ingredients, natural change, natural skin. When it comes to your skin, we know you feel your best when your skin feels it best.That's why we simplify the journey to loving your skin, making it thrive in its natural, healthiest state. Our products are the result of ancient Japanese practices and modern science, formulated and used for more than 35 years in Japan - now making their way around the world to you.Our unique ingredient, Itowa, is intentionally crafted into our gentle and effective formula to work with your skin’s microbiome to firm, smooth and boost ceramides in your skin. A blend of three native Japanese herbs, Itowa proves the power of the gifts of the Earth, improving your skin’s moisture barrier to healthy, radiant skin.We develop our products with great purpose and care to support your skin on its personal journey. From ingredients to techniques, our products are formulated to leave you with the ultimate outcome: natural skin that makes you feel unstoppable.
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