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Swiss Line
Inspired skincare. Informed by Biology.Since our launch in 1989, Swissline formulations always favoured skin-identical ingredients that are made bio-available. We believe this is the only way a superior, exciting skincare can deliver truly outstanding results. We put skin biology at the heart of our product development, allowing the skin to manifest its innate self-recovery potential.Our products focus on skin health by addressing silent inflammation, a primarily cause of premature skin ageing, while also reinforcing collagen levels in the skin with 360⁰ approach, every day, all year round.Swissline is arguably the Swiss brand with the most cosmeceutical molecules in their purest states: vit C, retinol, niacinamide, tranexamic acid, AHAs, alpha-arbutin, ATP, ceramides, amongst many other.
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Dec 09, 2020
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Five Divinely Decadent Beauty Luxuries For The VIP On Your List
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