Mellow the Yellow Nail Brightening Treatment

4.5 Stars (109 reviews)

Instantly brighten the look of nails with Mellow the Yellow. This opalescent Nail Brightening Treatment combines the power of Vitamin E and a blend of natural exfoliants, including Lemon Fruit Extract, to gently exfoliate dry, damaged nails and create a glowing, healthy, natural look. Mellow the Yellow works to conceal the look of discolored or yellowing nails upon application, while targeting the root of the problem. Its skin-conditioning formula gently exfoliates the surface of your nails to help improve the appearance of nails, leaving them brighter, smoother and looking renewed. Don’t have yellowing nails? No problem! Mellow the Yellow is the perfect base for any manicure. It can be worn alone to give nails a glowy, beautiful shine. It can also be worn as treatment base coat or as the foundation for a modern French manicure. The unique iridescent 2-in-1 nail colour and nail treatment formula gives the effect of a shimmery manicure while working hard to brighten the look of nails caused by aging or damage done from harsh nail formulas and practices.

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