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Fillerina Labo Facial Lifting Treatment

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The Facial Lifting | First Third of the Face, Submental Area and Neck is a dermo-cosmetic preparation for a lifting effect on skin laxity that helps reduce the appearance of sagging signs on the facial features of the lower part of the face and on the neck, for the contours to appear tauter and more lifted. The Facial Lifting contains Lifteina Complex (Swiss Patent CH 712 905) consisting of 9 ingredients whose absorption is supported by Labo Skin Technology: 2 of them play a mechanical effect and the remaining 7 a dermo-cosmetic biological effect. These components work synergistically and specifically on the skin of the first (lower) third of the face, the submental area and the neck. Ingredients with mechanical effect: 1,6-Alpha-Linked Maltotriose (skin absorption 70.5%) and Silicate (65.8%) play a tightening effect on the skin (in vitro test) for reducing the appearance of the skin laxity. Ingredients with dermo-cosmetic biological effect: Glycine (skin absorption 75.9%), Proline (51.5%), and Alanine (22.4%) are amino acids supplied since they are natural building components for collagen molecules; Tripeptide-10 Citrulline (80.4%) is a peptide that helps regulate the skin texture; DMAE (54.3%), 3-Aminopropane Sulfonic Acid (44.1%) and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2 (73.4%) play a tightening effect, thus contributing to the appearance of a more toned skin. The absorption of each ingredient has been tested by means of Franz Cells at 24 hours. The product shall be used for 16 consecutive days, by applying the Gel (30 ml bottle + dispenser/applicator) once a day in the evening just before bedtime, and the Dense Cream (15 ml) the morning after. Applying the product in the evening is particularly important for a thorough effect during the night, when the skin of the face is at rest. Labo Facial Lifting preparations are available in 3 grades, for targeting different stages of sagging signs*: Lifting 1: mild sagging and skin laxity Lifting 2: moderate sagging and skin laxity Lifting 3: severe sagging and skin laxity *Results may vary depending on individual conditions. After the first 16 days of application, it is possible to keep applying the Facial Lifting Dense Cream, which comes also separately, in a 50 ml tube, to help preserve the results.

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