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The HA3 Serum by LORDE+ BELLE contains advanced technology to repair and support the skin in multiple areas. The engineered hyaluronic acid blend contains three distinct molecular weights that have capability of targeting different types of skin concerns by triggering distinct, complementary pathways. Low- and medium-weight hyaluronic molecules Treats multiple regions of the skin to provide maximum hydration below the surface and repair skin cells over time. High-weight hyaluronic molecules  Delivers immediate intensive hydration to the surface layers of the skin for an instant smoothing and firming effect. Accelerating collagen production and boosting hydration, HA3 gradually tightens, plumps, and energizes skin. The combination of HA3 with LORDE+ BELLE'S RegenPenTM is a non-injectable, convenient alternative to assist active skin regeneration on a continuous, long-term basis.

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