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The RegenPen by LORDE+BELLE uses nano-channeling, a new technology rapidly gaining attention in the cosmetic industry. The pen uses trans-dermal delivery to create optimal nutrient intake of LORDE+ BELLE’S HA3 serum. Exfoliation and brightening are achieved while the skin absorbs 97% of nutrients while using the RegenPen, and for up to fifteen minutes afterward. The dual-action system helps stimulate skin renewal, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation and fine lines, while supporting the overall health and quality of the skin. In contrast to microneedling, dermatologists recommend the RegenPen’s technique as a safe, effective at-home method. The non-invasive, painless treatment produces fresh, glowing skin with NO downtime. The RegenPen's function and convenience allow it to easily integrate into your current lifestyle, making it simple to achieve both immediate and long-term results. Use with Lorde+Belle’s HA3 Serum.

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