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Sholayered 4 Samples Set

4.6 / 5 - 112 Total Reviews
The Sholayered 4 Samples Set is composed of the following:   1. Body Spray (Champagne) Sparkling Effervescence The sparkling fragrance of juicy grapes burst like bubbles with a rich aroma spreads that fills your mood.     2. Body Spray (Mysterious Mix) Classic Curiosity A majestic blend of complex, woody notes that open the mind to a world of curiosity and freedom.     3. Body Spray (Orange Blossom) Focused Calm A balanced combination of Neroli ( or “Citrus” or “Bitter Orange”) essential oils and fragrant floral notes, which calms the mind and focuses attention inward.     4. Body Spray(Sugar Lychee) Inner Peace The light, fruity impression of lychee creates a clean, subtle sweetness that encourages unconditional self-love and appreciation.

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