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NOW READING Tired of Cutesy? Try CL’s Glam Rapper Look for a K-Beauty Alternative
July 21, 2017

Tired of Cutesy? Try CL’s Glam Rapper Look for a K-Beauty Alternative

Not all Korean celebs do the baby gradient lip and soft peach eye look. Case in point: CL’s glam rapper look. Don’t expect the singer-songwriter and beauty icon to follow the rules when it comes to her makeup look.



When you look up the definition of “cool” in the dictionary, you’ll likely find a picture of The Fonz from Happy Days — as well as a picture of South Korean singer and rapper CL. Prior to adopting her stage name, Lee Chaerin spent her childhood in France and Japan before getting an audition with YG Entertainment at the young age of 15. They certainly made the right call with CL, who rose to fame when she was made the leader and lead rapper of girl group 2NE1 alongside Bom, Sandara Park, and Minzy.


cl's glam rapper look


In 2014, CL made headlines when it was announced that she was debuting as a solo artist in America. The risky move paid off; CL found herself on Billboard’s Hot 100 music chart, and Time proclaimed she was “the future of K-pop.” And let’s not forget how trendsetting her look is. Vogue has pointed to her bold beauty statements and compared her to “equally fearless icons like Madonna and Beyoncé.”


So it’s really no surprise that CL has a whopping 6 million followers on Instagram. Just a few months ago, she uploaded this glamorous shot that has over 450K likes, and we’re absolutely obsessed.


You may not be able to get her followers, but here are three ways you can get CL’S glam rapper look.


Fierce Eyes


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The current Korean beauty trend focuses on soft and natural looks. But we love that CL doesn’t even hesitate to do her own thing completely. Proving that the cat eye is alive and well, CL hasn’t let any prevailing trend take away her signature eyeliner wings and false lashes. If you’re aiming to be as fierce as the ultimate unni, stick with looks that make you feel good. “My eyeliner is part of my face,” CL told Vogue. “There are elements that I’ll change here and there, but my eyeliner, with little wings, that never changes.” Follow in CL’s footsteps with our fave liquid liner by Clio.



Soft Lips


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Despite being one of the most badass female rappers, you’ll often find CL with soft lips in pale shades, like this Ameli lip color. This not only draws more attention to her eyes, it also helps soften her look and brings more character to her face. Like we said earlier, CL doesn’t let what’s “in” dictate her, and she doesn’t even bat an eye when mixing different looks.


Colorful Hair


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You can’t emulate CL’s look without talking about her ever-changing hair color. We’ve seen her rock blond, grey, blue, purple, and everything in between. She has openly admitted that she can’t stand her hair dark, and though she never knows what color she’ll choose next, she knows it’s going to be bright. “I’ve always been colorful and taken risks,” she said in an interview. “I like to play different characters. I want to continue to do more than one style as to keep it interesting and fun.”


So follow in CL’s footsteps and try something new. Get her blond locks with Etude House Salon Hair Bleach or test out a temporary, wash-out shade with Etude House’s new Two Tone Treatment Hair Color (blue, or green, anyone?).


Think you can pull off CL’s glam rapper look? What’s your favorite hair color of hers?


CL is the KR Queen :) She is like the westernized K-pop idol hehe