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August 31, 2017

What’s in My Bag: A Peek into Coco’s Bag

They say you can get into the soul of a person just by examining the contents of their bag. Er, OK, maybe no one ever said that. In any case, isn’t it just plain fun to be able to snoop into someone’s bag? Here, contributing editor Coco Park takes the first step and lets us in on her carryall secrets.



Remember the thrilling feeling of going through your mom’s purse when you were a kid? It was like discovering pirate’s treasure, and if you were lucky you might find the errant piece of gum or candy floating around somewhere in the mess of it all. Every tissue pack was a clue, every lipstick was a precious artifact. Is this how anthropologists feel when they stumble upon the buried ruins of a civilization?


The curiosity of knowing what’s in everyone’s bag has never left me, so I reached out to my friends here at W2Beauty to ask them what’s in their bags. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t start with mine, so here’s a raw, unedited look at what’s in my bag and why. Can you spot any of your faves?


My bag: Baggu Leather Tote

My style is strict minimalism, and you can’t get any more minimal than the simple shape of a Baggu tote. I’m also a texture fanatic, and I love the soft buttery leather.


My cosmetics pouch:

From Montreal artist Darvelicious. I love to buy local and support artists, and I picked this up at a local craft fair. (This will make no sense to anyone but a local or displaced Quebecois person.) The words on this pouch are called “sacres.” They’re essentially Quebecois French “curse words” that are actually just church-related words. Like imagine if tabernacle and chalice were a curse word? Yeah, I can’t explain it — let Wikipedia do it.



in my bag



These are prescription glasses from Eye Buy Direct … because I’m blind.


Ticket to a show:

I live in Montreal, which hosts the Just For Laughs festival every year, and every year my husband and I go see at least one show. This year we chose The Bodega Boys, as it’s our favorite comedy podcast. The hosts now have a late night talk show on Viceland called Desus and Mero, which is hilarious, especially to us as former NYC’rs.



I picked this up at my local The Face Shop during their sidewalk sale. I really needed a purse brush for both me and my daughter, and I liked the look of this one. It works well for her wild curly hair.



This is the exact amount for bus fare, just in case.


iPoo Smell Cover Oil:

Do I really need to say why? It’s just polite. Who wants to leave a stink bomb behind in public? Seriously though this sh-t (ha) is amazing.


in my bag


Vichy Eau Thermal:

It’s HOT outside. Mama needs to mist herself occasionally. I got this free with the purchase of a sunscreen for my kids, so into the purse it went.


Re:cipe Crystal Sun Spray, two sizes:

This is my all-time favorite way to reapply sun protection: Just aim and spray! I love it because it doesn’t mess up my makeup. The small yellow one is supposed to be water-resistant, but I honestly reapply so much I don’t think it matters. I’ve been using the larger one to spray down my husband’s new tattoo when we’re out (which can fade considerably with UV exposure).


Benton Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream:

Benton makes great products; you just have to hurry and use them once they’re open since they’re all-natural and have no preservatives (which some people really like). This cream is no different, only it’s totally different from other hand creams I’ve tried as it absorbs quickly and works beautifully.


Etude House Honey Cera Lip Treatment Oil:

I have about six or seven different honey lip oils from various brands. Right now, the Etude House version is currently in my bag. I really love lip oils over Chapstick for summer, but as winter comes along I’ll be using both oil and stick to seal it in.


Colourpop Lippie Stix in Boys Town:

I have a problem with brown-pinky nude lipsticks. This is just one of many that seem to be multiplying in my house like a Gremlin in a water fountain. It’s a great color and formula, though, and cheap! Only $5.


Colourpop Lip Gloss Lychee Me:

This was from the limited edition Karrueche Tran collection at Colourpop. I wish it was a permanent shade because it’s a lovely syrupy brown that goes great with a heavy eye.


in my bag


Etude House Dear Darling Tints:

These have been a mainstay in my purse since they first arrived. Love, love, love these tints and especially colors PK004 and PK006. PK006 is a sheer glittery shade that’s not at all obnoxious like I find most glitters, and PK004 is a beautiful purple-y pink that looks great on everybody. I sometimes bribe my daughter with these, promising I’ll put some “ice cream gloss” on her if she behaves while we are out.


Sephora Cream Lip Stain shade 40:

Yet another brown pinky nude, but this one is really perfect for me. I should have stopped buying brown-pinks after this one, but I’m trash and can’t stop.


Romand Perfect Inner Lighting Cushion:

You can read all about why this is in my purse. If you can match the limited shade selection, this is an absolute must-try for you! Plus, look at how cute it is; it makes for a great compact once you’re done with the BB inside.


Tony Moly Back Gel Real Fit Liners in black and brown:

I always carry a black and brow liner with me to touch up my waterline (if I’m wearing eyeliner on my waterline that day). Really, it’s only needed for the waterline because it’s a tough liner that stays on everywhere else.


Romand Juicy Tint in Summer Scent:

This is the red that has defined my summer. Loooooove this red and this product. You can read about them here.


Romand Lip Matter:

This is to use on my Juicy Tint if I want to make it matte. It’s a really cool little product that you can use on any glossy finish lip product to transform it into matte.


What’s in your bag? (And how big a bag does it have to be for all your stuff?)  ?


Coco Park is an author, beauty journalist, blogger, podcast host, and all around oddball living in Montreal Quebec with her family. Originally from the southern USA, she worked for several years in the makeup industry as a professional makeup artist and holds a certificate in esthetics. She is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Want to know more? Check her out on the Beauty Beyond Basics podcast, on her blog, on Instagram @thebeautywolf, and in her book "Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare & Makeup."



I have a backpack! Always on the move and great to take all kind of stuff with me! ;)

My backpack gets sooo heavy because I keep adding beauty products in my makeup bag. ?


One of my other bags is a drawstring leather backpack, I like it for when I'm on the train because it's more pick-pocket proof hah!

i can relate on these but if i can transfer in travel size cointainer i do it it not easy to bring full size ??

I do not like large bags, I put in my bag etude house zero sebum powder, etude house dear darling water gel tint, missha eye pensel, a'pieu eye brow pen, a'pieu kissfull lip primer

How is the Etude House Dear Darling Tint? Sheer? Moisturizing? It's soooo cute, but is it ok for dry lips?

It's not drying at all! It's rather creamy actually!

It's little moisture for dry lip i but primer for lips before

I wish I could get away with small bags still. I always end up carrying shopper sized bags because between both of my kids and having to stop at the shops on the way home from picking them up I need room to carry a million things haha!

my bag i always bring missha sunblock,april skin cushion shade 23,3ce liptint,tonymoly lip crayon ,lip balm,gel eye liner brown and black,drawing eyebrow liner from etude house dark brown,...:-)loving the inside of your bag suncreen spray better than cream?

I'm going to try a sunscreen spray for reapplication. @cocopark swears by that method!!!

Is there available sunscreen spray in w2beauty?i want to try it to.

It's really the easiest way! I'm also a fan of sum balm but I sprays are so great on the move.

:) Yesssss you sound well prepared!
I wear cream sunscreen initially but reapply with the spray, which is so easy

i think is really good to try spray rether the cream for touch up especially if your wearing a make there any available sunscreen spray here or could you recommend me a site where i can purchase??