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May 16, 2018

Get ‘Tempted’ With Joy’s Red Velvet Lips & Score Your Softest Lips Ever

MBC’s K-drama Tempted just wrapped up here in the States, so let’s just cut to the chase and talk about what’s on all our minds: Joy’s lips! Read on for more details on her tempting lips and how to kiss zapped, chapped lips buh-bye in two easy steps.


When Tempted (aka The Great Seducer) first aired in Korea, there was a lot of buzz about whether the acting chops were up to par, how the audience would handle such a dark plot, how the bad boy persona of main man Si Hyun suits actor Woo Do Hwan oh-so well, and so on. But as one tempting episode rolled out after the other, all we could think about were the luscious, juicy lips on Joy (of K-pop group Red Velvet), who played the leading lady Eun Tae Hee.




What is she wearing on her lips? How can we get our lips to look like that?


Ladies and gents, we have answers.





Joy plays a diligent, studious, anti-dating top student, but her popsicle-stained pout popped and seduced, to the point we kept thinking of the sultry Joy we all knew pre-Tempted (as you can see in Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” video below). It’s really not hard to see why Si Hyun couldn’t resist.



She was clearly wearing lip products from her K-pop group Red Velvet’s collaboration with Etude House. Joy and all the members are currently the faces of the famed K-beauty brand, and there’s major promotion going on. Check out this CF clip:



Thankfully, there are a handful of scenes in Tempted — and a whole lot of still cuts on social media — that show what she’s wearing so we can get in on the action, too.


Here’s she’s swiping on two colors (RD301 & RD303) from Etude House Mini Two Match Lip Colors, a dual-ended lip product that allows you to mix and match your favorite colors.






She also opted for Etude House Matte Chic Lip Lacquer in shades PK001 and OR201 on separate occasions. Unlike other matte products, this velvety matte formula is infused with oils to smooth and moisturize lips.


OK, so we know what she’s wearing, but bright colors that pop are pretty hard to pull off IRL, no? There may not be crackly, dried lips in the world of Korean dramas, but they’re an everyday reality for some of us on this side of the camera. Well, it doesn’t have to be if you follow these two simple steps with two highly addictive products.


STEP 1: Slough it off


The first to-do is to scrub-a-dub-dub. The dead skin on your lips is begging to be exfoliated, and exfoliate you must to transform peeling, dry lips into a smooth, supple canvas that’ll stay comfortable all day and wear color without cracking. A good, gentle scrub will also enhance the absorption of nutrients from other treatment products in this two-step regimen.




Aritaum Ginger Lip Scrub is a heaven-sent for dry lips. Not only is it super affordable at $7 a jar, it works wonders. Sugar granules and powdered walnut shells work as physical exfoliants to softly, painlessly remove dead skin cells without irritating lips, while shea butter and natural ginger and orange oils leave lips silky smooth post-wash as well.



You can use it however often you want, depending on a variety of factors such as the weather, what kind of lip makeup you used during the day, how sensitive your lips are, and so on. You can use after brushing your teeth for the night or even as an emergency quick-fix when you want to apply a less forgiving color but your lips are anything but ready.


The scrub leaves behind no trace of stickiness, and you might find yourself not reaching for your chapstick that day! Sooo good.


STEP 2: Sleep on it


The next step is as easy as sleeping. A lip sleep mask will ensure your lips are sealed with moisture and nutrients overnight, which is when they tend to dry out. The best part is, you simply have to swipe on, sleep, and rise and shine to #iwokeuplikethis lips. It’s that easy.


If you think about it, when we wear lip stains or lipsticks, we have makeup on our lips almost half the day. When we’re out, especially in the winter, we’re exposing our lips to wind and cold, too. So keeping them clean, protected, and hydrated the other half of the day is only fair.


If you’re lazy (or busy) and could only commit to one product, Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is your girl. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The mega K-beauty brand’s patented technology wraps lips with a protective, moisturizing blanket of hydro ion mineral water, evening primrose extract, and apricot extract. Meanwhile, a vitamin C complex of goji berry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, and blueberry gently exfoliates dead skin cells as you sleep.


You can use this bestseller every night or vary up the frequency based on your lip’s needs. A lot of people use the mask as a balm during the day, but the real magic happens when you use it as a true overnight mask. Apply a liberal amount onto lips, sleep on it, then wipe it off in the morning with a soft tissue. This wipe-off step is crucial, yet so many people don’t know to do this! This is when some serious dry skin peels away. Anything that the scrub in the first step couldn’t get to will roll away just fine come morning.


Check out how Beautytap community member @sharmainejoyel does it here:



A word of caution: Don’t go wipe-happy and aggressively force dead skin to peel off. You’ll tear away skin that’s not ready to part, and bleeding and other unsightlies may occur. Especially your first couple times, gently wipe off the mask, be wowed by your way better lips, and patiently leave any reluctant old skin be. You’ll get ’em the next morning!


If you don’t have too much dead skin to peel away from your nearly perfect pout, as will be the case after regular use of this dream in a jar, simply pat off the mask with a tissue or even rinse it off with water to enjoy seriously hydrated lips all day.


After a few days (at most) of this routine, your smooth lips may be ready for just about anything. A matte red? An orangey stain? Whatever the color or consistency, bring it on.


Did you lust after Joy’s lips in Tempted? How do you get your lips ready for major color? Share your tips below!





One of my go to products! On of the can't live without level of swoon.

To clarify: Laneige lip mask. Woo Do Hwan is such a beautiful woman with perfect lips.

I'll try ... it looks great

I've only played with the berry one in Sephora but upon discovering there's a grapefruit and an apple lime flavor, I need to try the sleeping lip masks, they look so perfect T_T

They are sooo good. I never realized how much I need a lip sleeping mask until I got one. (At first I was like, really???) But I didn't know or remember that you had to wipe off the mask in the am with a tissue. Since I've been doing that — YAAAAAS! Makes such a difference.