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NOW READING Ask the Unnis: Oil Before Emulsion, Best Lip Tints, & Quick Morning Routines
October 23, 2018

Ask the Unnis: Oil Before Emulsion, Best Lip Tints, & Quick Morning Routines

We here at the K-Beauty Squad turn to each other for advice on everything from what to put on our face to what to eat to what to watch. So why not you? Pick our collective brains and ask away about anything. Here, we answer your questions on lip tints, morning routines, and moisturizers.


Your big skincare sisters — or in Korean, your unnis — are back!. We’re pretty opinionated, so we LOVE giving advice on all things beauty — and even all things non-beauty. (Guy trouble, anyone?) Write to us with any skincare or even life and love questions you’d like answered! We’ve seen it all and we’re here for you!


So let’s get started with this edition of Ask the Unnis.


ask the unnis


I usually buy Western cosmetics, but I want to try a Korean lipstick or lip tint. I’m looking for one that leaves a nice stain on the lips when it wears off and that is not too drying. Any suggestions, Unnis ? ambredf



Hands down, my favorite lip tint right now is the MeloMELI Cotton Shot Lip Tint! These babies are so deliciously creamy and easy to use, AND they double as a cheek blush. I really wish they had a wider range of colors, but then again my wallet would be in trouble >_<.


On a side note, if you’re looking for any lip moisturizers, you have to try Laneige Lip Glowy Balm!! The texture is a teeny bit on the stickier side, but they will leave your lips as smooth as a baby’s bottom! ❤️



For lip stains, those Romand Juicy Lasting Tints! With both the ones I have (FigFig and Dragon Pink), they wear off pretty evenly but they leave a nice stain behind.




I love those MeloMELI lip tints. They were my go-to this summer on days when I didn’t feel like doing a face full of makeup. Even when they faded they left a nice stain.



I second Jude on those Romand Juicy Lasting Tints. The FigFig is my go-to shade (a really pretty mauve-y berry color), and the formula is super moisturizing. I wouldn’t say it’s very long lasting, but I don’t like tints that stain my lips too much anyway.



Yes, yes, YES on the Romand Juicy Tints! I’ve put so many of my non-K-beauty pals on them — my mom, my sister, everyone.



I’m seconding, thirding, fourthing Romand and the MeloMELI! Those really are great, and I still use mine, which is crazy if you saw my makeup hoard and all the available lip products I have!


MeloMELI Cotton Shot Lip Tint ask the unnis


If there’s anyone on the Squad who really sucks at getting up on time in the morning (like me), what’s your routine that keeps your skin hydrated but doesn’t take a lot of time? xomarthamarie



My trick is to do the most at night. Lots and lots of layering + sheet mask and heavy cream at night to really pack the moisture into my face. Then in the morning I can get away with just moisturizer and sunscreen. Sometimes I use a mist before moisturizer in the AM if I feel like I need a little more.



I agree with Jude on the AM routine question. I wake up between 4 and 5 am most mornings, so I definitely do not feel like doing some crazy AM routine. Most days I simply cleanse, use a hydrating toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. I do the bulk of my heavy duty skincare at night.



For quick morning routines, I generally do a 3- or 5-skin method with a really hydrating toner. My recommendations would be the Earth’s Recipe Boosting Toner or the SanDaWha Liposome Skin Softener (my HG!). Then I’ll just throw on eye cream (totally not necessary, but I’ve grown to feel naked without it ) and then top it off with sunscreen.


ask the unnis



As for skincare, I 100% feel the heavy-duty-skincare-at-night lifestyle — generally, I like to use a really mild but effective cleansing water in the morning and wipe away until my cotton pad is clean. That way, I don’t remove the moisture that I spent so much time applying the night before, but my face is clean, and I can quickly apply whatever else I feel like applying that morning + SPF. I also love using super hydrating sun creams in lieu of both moisturizer and sunscreen; even with my drier skin, it works like a charm.


Greetings Unnis! I have a question for those of you with normal to dry skin. I’ve recently fallen in love with not one but two different Sulwhasoo emulsions. Sometimes I layer a cream over them, but I’m wondering if anyone also uses a facial oil prior to applying an emulsion. It seems like it might be too heavy, but a part of me thinks I’ll wake up glowy and ready for my closeup. Ever grateful for your wisdom! Feel free to recommend your favorite oils, too! — tracyannteel



Mother heckin’ yes to the oil-emulsion-cream triple threat! This is the skincare combo my skin needs and craves! If you’re worried about heaviness, give squalane oil a try; it’s a very light dry oil. However my fav, especially in winter, is the SanDaWha Camellia Oil, which I think you’ll like.



I’ve never applied an oil before an emulsion, but that sounds like a mood. It reminds me of the Dr.Gloderm masks that have the oil packets that you can use before the sheet mask. My skin reaaaaaallllly loves that.


ask the unnis


Hi Unnis! I’m still searching for a good cream or maybe just an emulsion for morning use for oily leaning normal skin. I tried the COSRX Birch Sap and it’s OK but feeling like there’s probably a better option. I love the Purito Green Level Centella Cream, but for daytime it makes me look too oily. Still looking for something that hydrates with a glow instead of a glisten 😬🙈. Also because my A’Pieu sunscreen on top of anything so far has made me super glisteny. Maybe I just need to try a powder cushion? — pleasesendsnow



I think the issue is maybe you aren’t hydrating your skin enough before using the emulsion. I usually use two to three layers of a lightweight essence first, and then when I move on to my moisturizer, my skin is super hydrated and plump. I really like the Pureforet Centella Toner and Lotion. I literally slather my face in both, and it doesn’t look oily or greasy, just nice and hydrated.



I feel you @pleasesendsnow! Depending on what sunscreen I use, my cushion compact can look extra dewy or more satiny.


I love the Keep Cool Phyto Greenpair Cream for my T-zone, even during the summer when my T-zone runs amok with oil production. It gives me a nice dewy glow that’s not too shiny. But when I really need to tone down the shine, I rely on sunscreens and makeup. During the summer, I use Innisfree No Sebum sunscreen. I actually took a break from it to try out other sunscreens, and when I returned to it the last couple months, I was like, why? Why did I ever leave you??? It’s finicky to apply — smooth it on, don’t pat, in thin layers and only where you get oily. And never use primer on top. But it leaves my T-zone velvety, no matter what moisturizer I’ve used underneath it. I’ve been eyeing the Innisfree No Sebum Lotion to see if that would give me the same effect.


ask the unnis


But no matter what sunscreen or emulsion I use, I always have to use a VERY light dusting of powder on my T-zone after my cushion (yes, that’s how shiny my T-zone is). My current fave is Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder — I literally tap the lightest amount with my fluffiest brush onto my chin, sides of my nose, and between my brows, and I’m done. (That way I can use whatever sunscreen or cushion I like!)


Hope that helps!


Do you have any burning questions about beauty, skincare, love, or life? Ask the Unnis by DM’ing us on Instagram, using the Contact Us page to submit your question, or just commenting below! Can’t wait to hear from you!






Thank you so much, Unnis! This helps a lot! ♥ And it gives me another excuse to be even more extra with my night routine HUEHUEHUE~

Best from @beautytapoffical

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