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March 9, 2019

You’re Going to the Concert, Now Get Ready With Skin BTS Would Be Proud of

As if you need another reason to sheet mask, here are seven more.


Any Army out there? Whether you’re diehard, newbie, or nonchalant, one thing can’t be denied: The seven guys who make up the biggest boy band in the world have amazing skin.


So it makes sense that Korean beauty sheet mask master Mediheal has re-upped their collaboration with K-pop phenom BTS for another year.




According to the Korea Herald, Mediheal’s 3,000 limited edition BTS masks sold out within three days back in 2017. Which, of course, makes sense, considering that their upcoming worldwide stadium tour sold out within a couple hours in the U.S. and Europe. (Thank goodness they added additional dates — because seriously, 90,000 seats at the Rose Bowl are simply not enough to accommodate all the Army out there!)


While we’re not sure what the new Mediheal x BTS sheet masks are going be (different versions of the CF highlight a variety of products from an Ampoule Hydra Shot to Bio Capsulin Masks), take a look at their latest CF “Love Me, Love Mediheal” here (and watch for the six other endings featuring different members starting at 0.30):



True to BTS form, the CF talks about accepting and loving yourself. (If you need a primer on BTS’s message of “love yourself,” check out their moving speech to the U.N. here.)


BTS is no stranger to beauty collabs. They’ve done two collabs with Korean cosmetics line VT Cosmetics so far that everyone was scrambling to snatch up. And it’s not uncommon to see the members sheet masking in their live streams or in videos, like J-Hope and Suga did in 2017, or when Jimin jumped into an impromptu dance practice with Jungkook and J-Hope with a sheet mask on (start watching at 8:47). RM even told Allure that he uses Mediheal sheet masks as self-care after a long day of work to treat his dry skin. (Truly a man after our own heart.)




V (aka Taehyung) even went through his entire skincare routine on a V Live episode.



While you’re waiting for the new sheet masks to drop, prep your skin for their upcoming concert with their current Mediheal special set sheet masks, which include my personal fave, the Teatree Care Solution mask, as well as their super popular N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule mask. Tea tree sheet masks are my go-to whenever I have a hormonal breakout, and this mask even has my fave Centella asiatica to further soothe inflammation. They instantly calm my acne and, when used three days in a row, really shorten the lifespan of a breakout. (Read more about the 1-pack-1-day method here.)



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The Aquaring mask is another great mask, perfect for every day. It just soaks your skin in hydration with sodium hyaluronate (the salt form of hyaluronic acid), glycerin, and cabbage rose extract.


mediheal x BTS


Oh, and did I mention the 14 photo cards that come with the Mediheal x BTS Special Set Hydrating Moisture Care masks? Yup. Free merch and glowing skin? Now that’s how you love yourself.


BTS bonus: their behind the scenes making of their last Mediheal collab. Enjoy!



Did you get tickets to the BTS concert? And have you tried the Mediheal x BTS masks? Do you think they’re quality masks? Let’s talk in the comments below!


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I love the Tea Tree ones from Mediheal. They're really cooling and refreshing to put on my face after a long day.


me too! They're my fave tea tree masks! I keep them on standby anytime I have a hormonal breakout.


Love the Mediheal x BTS masks! Have to credit beautytap for introducing me to BTS.


Yay! I'm happy to spread the gospel lol. Actually, come to think of it, beautytap (and my nieces) introduced me to BTS, too!


I'm really envious of their skin!! If sheet mask is their secret, give me all the sheet masks!!