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May 21, 2019

Get Ready For the Heat With These 3 Summer Skincare Switch-Ups

As we transition into yet another glorious summer, make sure your skincare routine is prepped and ready with some simple summer skincare changes that’ll make all the difference (even if you don’t live in 100+º weather).


I always have and always will complain about the weather every chance I get as long as I live in Arizona. We’re already seeing highs of 99º F/37º C, so it’s safe to say the “transition” to the warmer months are over and they have fully arrived. I’ve tucked away my winter clothes (read: light hoodies and a single puffy snow vest), started being extra diligent about my body care, which I will definitely talk about in an upcoming article, and also have rotated out some of my skincare as well. I repeat, it’s 99º degrees this weekend. And this is our “nice spring weather.” *deep sigh*


Let’s talk about some of the summer skincare changes I made before I melt.


summer skincare changes


The thinner, the better


Let me make it abundantly clear: I’m talking about the texture of my skincare. If I see one more post about “getting a summer body,” I might actually delete all of my social media. Your body existing in summer is your summer body.


My rule of thumb for this time of year is definitely that I prefer a lot of my steps to be super watery or have that “water drop” feel on the skin. The toners, serums, and mists that live earlier on in my day and night routines are there to help me stave off dehydration from the constant air conditioning I’ll be living in. (The thought of going outside is almost as upsetting as the aforementioned “summer body” BS).


summer skincare changes


I don’t know if any of y’all have worked with those type of toners and serums that almost have a syrupy texture, or mists/toners that have a small layer of oil to shake in before use, but I kiss those goodbye until the weather is back in the ’70s because I don’t like the oily feel of them on my skin that early on. Oils are, however, a mainstay for me regardless of the time of year.


The oils are here to stay


Much like my complaints about the weather, I will also never stop talking about the beauty of face oils and how important they are to the overall health of my skin. Oily skin people, please listen to me as I’m one of you: The use of the appropriate face oil(s) in the appropriate amounts will do wonders in balancing out your skin. The only instance I’d say that you may not need oils incorporated in your routine is if you’re someone with truly oily skin that lives in a very humid, hot climate, but everyone else, especially those of us who are prone to dehydrated skin and/or live in a dry climate, should give them a shot.


Currently, I’ve removed oils from my morning routine in favor of something that already has some oil content in it, like a lightweight emulsion over my hydrating mist and serum to prep my skin for sunscreen and makeup if I’m doing something that day. However, they stick around the whole year for me in my nighttime routine because oils or even face balms combined with my humidifier is the only thing that keeps me from waking up completely dried out from the air conditioning all night. Extra dry and crispy is what I want in my pavlova, not my face à la The Mummy.


summer skincare changes


If you feel like oils have never really sunk in well for you (I get this feedback more often than not), try working them into a cream or lotion of some sort to help spread an appropriate amount all over your face (three to five drops is all anyone really needs, in my opinion). Or misting your face just before using your oil concoction and massaging directly into damp skin can really help the product move across the skin and absorb much more comfortably.


Where’s the alcohol


I know I’m the not the only one who enjoys a nice summer adult beverage (hard cider spiked with gin is amazing and very strong), and I do hunt for alcohol in my skincare as well — but not necessarily to avoid it in this instance. @Jude Chao did an awesome overview of alcohol regarding some of its forms and uses in skincare recently, and while I still don’t like to see it in too many products in my routine, particularly towards the start, products can surprise you if they’re well-formulated and the alcohol is used intelligently in the formula.


Sunscreen is one of the products where I actually seek out alcohol to give a cosmetic elegance in application and finish that I find super appealing; if you throw some chemical filters in the mix, I’m a happy camper. (Or happy mall-goer, I guess, because like I mentioned, I’m not spending any extended time outside.)


summer to fall skincare summer skincare changes


If you personally have sensitivities to drying alcohols or chemical filters, of course do not follow my lead, but when I think of sunscreens with physical filters in thicker formulations, my skin rejects the idea altogether. The higher amount of emollients and/or silicones in these kinds of creams have never really been for me, and when the weather heats up, I keep them far, far away from my face and use them on my body instead.


And on the topic of body sunscreen, I feel that’s one that a ton of people neglect, and it really isn’t something to be forgotten, y’all. I know it’s funny to have stories or pictures of people with bright red sections of their chest or back that leave white hand prints when you push on them, but in all seriousness, it can turn into a health risk in the long run. Obviously a few burns here and there happen, but be sure to not be the person who forgets to apply and reapply sunscreen on your body, especially if you’re at the beach or hiking or in some situation where the protective barrier formed is going to be disrupted by water, sweat, etc.


What sort of summer skincare changes do y’all make? Any favorite products that are staples in the warmer months for you? Sound off below! 🙂


Born in Korea and raised in Washington, Leo is another 20-something member of the K-Beauty Squad that is as committed to his love of skincare as he is to wine and cheese covered snack foods. After working as an educator and trainer in the beauty industry, he joined the team at Beautytap to continue sharing his knowledge and passion for skincare and all things chok-chok. During his free time, he’s been spotted in the wild bingeing Netflix shows, blasting K-pop while playing video games, or (much more rarely) leaving his hovel to venture forth in search of cocktails and Korean BBQ.



I got all heart-eyes at your perspective on "summer body." Three cheers for you. That stuff is awful and bad for everyone.

Regarding skincare - this is my first summer in k-beautyland! I'm excited to learn everything! I like watery toners too, and love high-qual sunscreens with organic filters. But I have no idea how to mix in oils ... I will try your tips.

It can be so overwhelming when you first dive in to k-beautyland lol. Definitely just take things slow and do things one at a time :)

Ahhhh I WISH summer would get here already! It's been depressing May gray here in SoCal, and I'm dying for some sun.

I will say, I'm normally an anti-alcohol person, but I've been really not opposed to alcohol in my sunscreen lately. I think if it's well-formulated and moisturizing enough, I'm fine with alcohol in my sunscreen, at least in the summer. I've been really liking the seaNtree Donkey Milk Sunscreen, and the Swanicoco Bio Mint Sun Gel is a go-to during the summertime.

I think I went through too many samples of alcohol free sunscreens that were just awful and thick and tacky that I gave in, and honestly it's been so much easier to get through my days lol. If it's a must though, the new Klairs sunscreen has been a pleasure to use

The blue one?