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June 7, 2020

Why Top Dermatologists Recommend Restorsea

Restorsea is a clinically proven skincare brand initially launching it’s Pro line ONLY in top dermatologist MD offices. With over 35 issued patents, this brand has proprietary technology and natural enzyme ingredients that removes the dead skin and keeps the healthy ones.


Do you have sensitive skin that can’t tolerate AHAs but want medical grade skincare without the hard-to-pronounce ingredients? Enter Restorsea, the skincare line that provides innovative formulations to brighten and revive skin using its patented Aquabeautine XL® enzyme. I have to say, all you need to tell me is “medical grade” and “skincare” and I am THERE. Thankfully, Restorsea doesn’t disappoint, and better yet, is backed up by science. We love to see it.



Actress Gweneth Paltrow in portrait photo of Restorsea brand
Actress Gweneth Paltrow endorsed Restorsea as early as 2013


Until recently, Restorsea was only available on the brands website and by licensed clinical physicians, but now, you can get the consumer version on 


“This light formulation is an anti-aging serum that reduces pigmentation and visibly smoothes the skin,” celebrity dermatologist Dr. Anna Guanche noted. She said she’s especially fond of the active ingredient, Aquabeautine XL, which is “an exfoliant that brightens the skin without irritation, redness or visible peeling.”


“I apply it twice daily to face, neck, chest and hands,” Guanche added. (Quoted from Huffingtonpost)



Dermatologist Anna Guanche portrait
Celebrity expert dermatologist Dr. Anna Guanche



The Restorsea line consists of a these core products:



Like I mentioned earlier, each of the products in the Restorsea line are formulated with the brand’s proprietary Aquabeautine XL® enzyme. This unique ingredient is sourced from an enzyme that’s released by salmon fry at the time of hatching. The most incredible thing about this ingredient is that it actually works the same way your typical AHA would — it sheds dead skin at the surface to get rid of dark spots and acne, but instead of being getting rid of both dead and living skin cells like glycolic acid, it actually just sweeps away the dead skin cells, so there’s less irritation and less disruption to your acid mantle. Iconic!



salmon eggs hatching and releasing enzyme
Special anti-aging enzyme released at the point of salmon eggs hatching


I had the opportunity to try out the Restorsea line, and I gotta say, I’m not disappointed in the slightest. Each product is formulated with naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients, and without the nasty stuff like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, PEGs or mineral oil. The cleanser is gentle enough for every day (and night) use, and smells just like a fancy spa. Y’all know how much I love a fancy spa moment. It has a lightweight, fluffy, yet luxurious lather and rinses clean without any film. 


As I’m getting older, I’ve noticed that my skin is definitely getting drier, so I’ve been in search of a daytime moisturizer that feels lightweight, but still provides my skin with enough hydration and moisture throughout the day. The Rejuvenating Day Cream definitely checks all those boxes for me, and then some. When you open the jar, you think it’s going to be a really thick cream, but when you apply it, it’s so lightweight, it nearly feels like a gel cream. After a week, I noticed that my skin looked and felt visibly smoother and softer. 



Restorsea products lined up in image
Restorsea product line up



And for my very, very favorite product out of the line up, it’s the luxurious 24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil. I mean, I know the name of the product is called 24kt liquid gold, but I was genuinely shook to see giant gold flakes in the bottle. This oil is designed to balance oil overproduction while hydrating dry skin, so it’s perfect for my weird, combination skin. It’s made using a blend of Squalane, Lactobacillus Ferment, and of course, Restorsea’s Aquabeautine XL® enzyme. It glides onto the skin like a dream and is the perfect compliment to both the day and night cream. 


Have you tried out Restorsea yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!



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So excited to try this line-my beautytap advisor has sent me some samples. Impatiently awaiting their arrival!


Verified Expert

I have been learning more and more about this line. After recently purchasing some samples, I can't wait to try! I love a medical grade skin care line. High quality ingredients, that are effective yet affordable is my go too. I can't wait to share this line with my clients!


Verified Expert

The slogan brought me here but the information kept me!! Trying to get a sample of Restorsea


Verified Expert

There's not much that compares to medical grade skincare! I work with a few great lines in clinic, and it's hard to go back to anything else once you see what these products can do. Looking forward to trying this line as well, I'm a sucker for that gorgeous Gold face oil!


Verified Expert

Im definitely giving this brand a try for myself!


Verified Expert

This amazing active enzyme can help all skin types. As a Licensed Esthetician for over 12 years, it is hard to find products that can help all skin types and do it well. This is the exact line I would choose for my clients hands down!


Verified Expert

I am loving the results from Restorsea so far! I started using it regularly a few weeks ago and my skin is glowing and fine lines seem to be softening. I am also loving textures and how it does not break out my skin! I am excited to report back with my results over time. Real results from skincare are cumulative, so we have to be patient. Restorsea is a worthy investment (and remember when you use it, less is more!)


Verified Expert

The luxurious skincare brand Restorsea is perfect for all of my sensitive, anti-aging, dull, dry, and even hyperpigmentation brothers & sisters looking for a reputable brand that’s formulated to gently treat dead skin, unwanted dark spots, dull skin, and fine lines & wrinkles. Medical grade, dermatologist tested, & natural ingredients together replenish faith and confidence that your skin will thank you with a healthy glowing, more youthful appearance. I love the quote “Don’t lie about your age. Impress people with it.” My gorgeous, handsome anti-aging Kings & Queens, it’s never too late to embrace who you are! Let your light... Read more


Verified Expert

I definitely need to get me hands this skincare line. I’m so drown to the 24kt liquid face oil! I love oils they make skin so supple abs bouncy.


Verified Expert

I’m intrigued that we get to actually use this product now. And we don’t need a physician to help us get it, it’s clinically proven and it also exfoliates without you having to really scrub. Can’t wait to learn more about this brand and try it for myself.