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What Is It:

Restorea PRO’s sulfate-free Foaming Cleanser is known for it’s lightening and brightening properties and cleans without stripping the skin of its essential oils. It lifts away impurities through the foaming action and swiftly cleanses dirt, makeup and excess oil away. It also has mushroom extract which provides hydration for supple skin, vitamin D for acne control, skin brightening for a clear complexion, anti-aging benefits for reduction of discoloration caused by harmful stressors, and reduction of inflammation for those suffering from specific skin conditions.

Our insight:

This cleanser is the only medical grade cleanser that uses the proprietary salmon enzyme for healthy cleansing. The product was clinically studied on all skin types, making it unique in its type of cosmeceuticals.” Dr. Mary Lupo, a dermatologist who also carries Restorsea, confirms the assertion regarding sensitive skin: “This gentle formula is perfect for any skin type and especially suited for those with sensitive skin, intolerant of many anti-aging products.” Once applying it begins to foam and you begin to smell the wonderful fresh scent of the cleanser.

How to use:

Wet hands and face. Apply pea-size amount to hands and gentle apply to face working in a circular motion. Rinse well.  Use morning and evening.


Water (Aqua/Eau), Decyl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Roe, Tricoloma Matsutake, (Mushroom) Extract, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Alaria Esculenta. Extract, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Glyceryl Undecylenate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Fragrance (Parfum), Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate

Brand info:

Restorsea is a clinically proven skincare line initially launched ONLY in top dermatologist MD offices. With over 35 issued patents, this brand has proprietary technology and ingredients that cannot be found anywhere else. This is a skincare brand that is: 1) prestige, 2) natural and non-toxic 3) supported by clinical studies published in major dermatology journals. Restorsea is the brand for patients with sensitive skin who can’t tolerate any other active ingredients.
Restorsea’s proprietary and patented technology fulfills essential skincare need by providing similar effects to retinol but with NO irritation.  As a result, the products are currently sold by MDs for their patients who have sensitive/reactive skin who can’t tolerate any other skincare active ingredients.  All products are formulated with naturally-derived non-toxic ingredients and contain NO: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, PEGs or mineral oil.
Restorsea has 35 issued compositional patents for emulsion, non-emulsion and bi-phasic cosmetic formulations.  Restorsea has the 20 year exclusive rights to its proprietary enzyme Aquabeautine XL®

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I have to admit that this particular wash is only ever so slightly sensitizing to my skin. I always need to apply immediate moisture after using. Keeping in mind I have skin which normally reddens and sensitizes extremely easily. Also that the proprietary blend here is actively meant to mimic the wonderful effect of retinol by promoting cell turnover for people with sensitive skin. Still the very light sensation it produces on my skin dissipates within moments after washing, and the difference I see in my complexion after regular use is quite noticeable and very pleasing. My... Read more


This is the most rejuvenating cleanser of all. You only need a blueberry size in your hand. It is gentle and purifying. I love the salmon enzyme in there. Great for anti-aging and sensitive skin. Lifts the face and gives a radiant glow. This cleanser is a game changer!!!!!! My light wrinkles go away when I use it.I have dry/combo/sensitive and I cannot emphasize enough how good it is. This cleanser is the holy grail for skin.


My face feels really clean, fresh, and soft after using this cleanser. Gel cleansers do tend to make my skin feel a little drier sometimes, but I find that the water temperature does make a difference in the overall performance of any face wash. I make it a point to wash with lukewarm water because hot water can add to that feeling of dryness. I really like the way it lathers and I actually spend more time washing my face because of that.


This cleanser works wonders on my face. If you have sensitive skin especially, you will love this product. Everyone who has sensitive skin knows the struggle it is to find a good cleanser that wont irritate or burn your skin. This cleanser is super gentle, which I love . Also. I have super dry skin especially during fall and winter seasons, and whenever I use this my skin didnt feel tight at all and it feels very replenished. Most cleansers usually tend to dry my skin out which is why i am so impressed with this one. I will... Read more


My new favorite cleanser! I wasn't sure about this cleanser, since I don't normally prefer a foaming gel for my dry skin. But I was pleasantly surprised that after using this cleanser, my skin didn't feel tight at all! It left my skin clean and hydrated, which is a first for a gel cleanser. I love the scent and the texture of this product. I use it with a facial brush for an extra clean finish - this is definitely a great find!


I really like this cleanser. The scent is soft and I like the texture when using it. When it is on your face, you can actually feel it tingling. Kind of caught me off guard the first time I used it! The after effects when finished are instantly noticeable but I do feel my skin is slightly dry when finished but nothing to bothersome. I do recommend Restorsea. Their cleanser and moisturizers are amazing!


I really like this cleanser. I usually use oil cleansers as my base, but I think I will switch over to Restorsea for a while. It makes my face feel so smooth and clean and I love the scent - it's very light. I can use this with my other products and experience no breakouts! I appreciate that it contains live enzymes in it to keep my skin young and awake!
And my clients love it too!


I love the scent and how it lathers on my face but I always get a tight, dry feeling after using this. I have dry skin so whenever I use this, I have to rush and apply my hydrating toner or else my skin will feel really dehydrated and flaky. It does a really good job in taking off makeup though. I think this product is good for oily skin types.


This wash has a pleasant light fresh scent. When wet it creates a beautiful mild lather and my hands were gliding wherever i washed my face. It did not leave my skin stripped of its natural oils so my face wasn’t really tight, and i am a oily skin so i did deep clean my face very well. Plus my skin was soft and supple. Will be purchasing this product again!


Restorsea is a medical-grade, clinically proven skincare line formulated with nontoxic ingredients.
This brand has proprietary technology and natural enzyme ingredients that remove the dead skin cells and keep the healthy ones.
This cleanser is extremely gentle and removes makeup without stripping your skin. It contains Restorsea's proprietary enzyme and songyi mushroom, an herbal extract known for its lightening and brightening properties. The extract works quickly, which is how it is effective in a cleanser.


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Restorsea is a clinically proven skincare brand initially launching it's Pro line ONLY in top dermatologist MD offices.