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We are so excited you are interested in being a part of our beauty community!
If accepted you will have access to our product review program and other community campaigns.
As part of the application process, you will need to submit & share your thoughts on a beauty product you're currently using at home! It can be a skin, hair or other selfcace product you own. Be real and follow the guidelines to create a detailed review.
For those accepted, we will also gather your info for a profile and dashboard account on
Program Limitations:• This program is only available for US residents.• Must be 18 years or older.• If you currently have an account with or have a pending application as a Beauty Expert, Content Creator or both, you will not be able to successfully submit this form. Log in to your existing account or contact [email protected] for help.
• Once reviewer per household.
• One application per person only. Enthusiasts having duplicate accounts may have their membership suspended and will not be allowed to receive free products for product review.

As a part of the application process, we will gather pieces of information for a profile creation. This profile will only be created if you are accepted into the Beautytap Community. You will only be sent login information upon acceptance notification.  The acceptance/denial process can take up to 30 days.

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We will require you to submit a sample test review on a beauty or self-care product you currently are using at home.

If so we will require you to submit a test review on a beauty or self-care product you are currently using at home.


Our content creators must have a public beauty focused social media link to provide with 1k minimum followers.

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If you are a licensed, certified, retail or student of the beauty industry we will require you to upload documents to verify your PRO status.

If you are a student, licensed, certified or working beauty professional we will require a few forms of proof for our Expert VIP PROgram.

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